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T-Level Question for Bill, Cy, or anyone

I had my T-levels tested and they were:
348 Testosterone
2.42% Free Testosterone
and 19.8 cortisol.

They told me I was within normal levels, but, isn’t this really low?

Yes, your T is low.

It depends-
How old are you? Is the measure for free or bioavailable T? What are the units? ng/dL, or pg/ml?

If we assume it’s total T, and you’re between 20 and 50, then you’re low normal. If it’s bioavailable T, then you’re well wihin the normal range.

Oh, and BTW, your % free T is fine. Hope this helps. SRS

I’m 26 by the way.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I allready take Tribex and vitex.

Hey vcreed,
My testosterone levels average over 600 every day. Do you know how? I pump iron alot. Lot’s of iron. Try it. Just take a healthy dose of iron(not the mineral).