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T-Level Normal?


So I got my blood tested for my T-Level.

It came back with a value of 380 and the doctor indicated it is above normal.

Is 380 in fact good?



Did you read the blood test and the values? Normal range for T is 300 to 1200 ng/dl. So 380 is low normal.


Did you get your FSH and LH level checked?



I did not read the blood test and values. The results were just posted.

I have no idea if my FSH and LH levels were checked. I was reading about low T-Levels and that pretty much describes what I am going through. I went and asked for him to check it.

I should go back and ask him about the FSH and LH levels?



You can determine if you clearly have primary or secondary hypogonadism. If younger, one can then do tests to check for a pituitary adinoma. [Older guys are expected to have age related pituitary insufficiency.]

Once on TRT, testing LH/FSH is mostly $tupid. However, a high level of FSH can indicate a particular testicular cancer. But that would have shown in a pre-TRT screening with LH/FSH.

You need TT, FT and E2 tested. If TT is in 'normal range', if SHBG is elevated, FT could be way too low. Most of your TT is SHBG bound T [SHBG-T]. SHBG-T cannot activate T receptors. If SHBG goes up, TT goes up. TT is not a proper diagnostic by itself in this situation.

So how old are you? Some drugs, Rx and OTC can cause hormone problems.

where do you carry fat:
how much body hair:
lost hair on lower legs:
skin thin or fragile:
nails brittle:
feel cold easily:
short tempered:
lack of interest in sex:

tell me here or cut and past into a PM.

You may need to tell you doc to treat your symptoms, not your lab report. But your doc may be useless in any case.


If your LH and FSH levels are low or normal, you MIGHT have secondary hypogonadism. If the values are high, you MIGHT have primary hypogonadism. (I'm not a doctor, so I don't diagnose shit.)

Ask him for those and estradiol values. If you're out of wack, go see a urologist who deals with hypogonadism and infertility or an endocrinologist.

Symptoms matter too. So if you feel like shit and your values are low normal, probably something is wrong. A good doctor goes by what you experience and lab values. Most docs worth their salt don't like seeing anyone under 400 - like mine. (I've been hypogonadal for 8 years.)