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T-Level Dilema

a little background…i am 35, 190 lbs. and about 12% bf…August 2007 i developed a “mild” case of gyno and had about a 300 on the total t-level…by the time I saw the endo in Jan 2008 I was pretty freaked out. she verified the gyno and set me on 3 months of raloxifene (evista - a SERM)…now oddly enough she took levels again and everything, i mean everything came back normal…i was more than shocked considering how I felt (libido was down, PE, fatigue, tired, slightly ‘blue’)…

anyway, the evista worked actually great given I had no expectations and from what I read I thought I was screwed. about 1 month after I stopped the meds i have noticed a bit of sensitivity and tenderness as before. not as bad, but there…

i guess my question is, can your T be normal, but your estradiol elevated (but normal) and have these problems?

I am not taking anything weird or illegal. I can get access to Nolva and Letro as necessary and actually considering a very small dose of Letro over 6-8 weeks to try and clear it up, but the research I have read is sketchy and I really don’t need anything else shutting me down. The docs are not going to do anything from this point either, so thoughts?