T-level blood test in the morning

I had a Dr’s appointment today to try and get test prescribed for myself. Well it went well, but he said he wanted a blood test after a fast, so that means first thing in the morning. I happened to wonder if my natural test levels will read higher in the morning as opposed to later in the day? Thanks…

there was a good article in t-mag awhile back about this…basically, you can kill your t levels by drinking alcohol before the test, doing over-cardio for a week or so before and some other things…also if you could get a hold of some estrogen pills, i bet that would help taken 2 days or so before your test. that is just an idea, i don’t think the article advocated that. also, if you forced yourself to not get much sleep and got up at 2 or 3 am the day before the test, you would probably throw off your circadian rhythms enough to not have the boost of testosterone normally associated with the morning. i don’t know how extreme you want to go with this, but check the article. it is a good one. good luck getting the goods!

Yes, your test levels are highest in the morning and gradually drop off throughout the day.

Yes, your levels will be highest in the morning. The lowest point is around 8 PM
on average.

You could depress levels somewhat by exercising
immediately before the appointment, preferably
with a long, “overtraining” workout, and
might be able to depress them further by
getting inadequate sleep the night before
and drinking alcohol. Assuming that is that
you wish to achieve a falsely-low value,
as some do.

Yes they will be higher in the morning. I think I remember Bill Roberts saying something about this on the forum like there’s a 25-50% drop during the day. Check out Cy Willson’s article on how to monkey with your test levels so they come out low. It’s called Your Doctor, Your Dealer.

it will read higher in the morning, but normally you can never get anyone to perform the vampyre bite at 8am or 9am, they always seem to get to you somewhere around 10am or later (after all the paperwork…)

Your testosterone level is highest in the morning. That’s why he’s checking it at that time. Male levels drop 30 - 50 % and female lelvels drop 20% by midafternoon. Hope this info helps.

Yes, testosterone levels are highest in the morning.