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T-Jack Reviews Are Coming!

Yet another update on the T-Jack Reviews (formerly the pass around forum):

  • “Try It, Review It, Keep It.” That’s the theme of the upcoming T-Jack section of the forum. We send you training equipment, books and videos to try out, you write a review about them on the forum, and you get to KEEP the goodies.

  • Smart equipment makers and others are jumping on this idea, as predicted. Here’s what we have lined up for reviewing so far:

Heavy Grips grippers

Power Rings

Accu-measure bodyfat calipers

BOA 2000 speed ropes


The Books of Muscle by Ian King and Lou Schuler

Hydryx workout towels

Experiments v. Experience CD’s from Dr. Lowery

Nutrix shake mixers

No Nonsense Nutrition DVD’s from John Berardi

Sport Inhalers

FatTrack Gold bodyfat calipers

I’m talking with a dozen other companies now, so the list is growing daily.

  • How do you get to be a T-Jack? Well, first you have to be a member of this forum so you can post. It’s free to be a member of course, so lurkers, it’s time to de-lurk!

Other than that, as long as you agree to do a good job with the review you can be a T-Jack. Just remember, it’s an important duty as you’ll be helping thousands of people make smart consumer choices. And keep this in mind: those who do a good job get to review more stuff later on, probably more expensive stuff.

  • The T-Jack Reviews will begin at the end of this month or early February. Get ready!

Try It - Review It - Keep It

If you accept requests, I would like to review the jump rope or the grippers, preferably the jump rope. Thanks

Reading this is almost like a dream. try it, review it, KEEP IT. this is incredible and the variance of opinions will be a great tool in making smart purchases for all T-Folk.

P.S. this is not ass kissing

How do you take part?

You guys are always coming up with the coolest stuff!

The gym at work that I use is owned by the employees, money raised by them for the equipment, so I can put whatever I want in there, and there is plenty of room. I’d be glad to share with my fellow gym rats if they will sign up here for reviews also. (Nice recruiting tool!) Larger items welcome here!

Here’s a peak review of one of the items you will have available to T-mag readers:

I recently purchased and read the Book of Muscle by King and Shuler. It’s pretty damn good and even advanced trainees will learn something from it (I did!). The information is easy and enjoyable to read. The workouts are typical King and all the information, photographs and layout are top knotch!

Highly recommended even if you don’t use the three workout routines (beginner, intermediate and advanced) in the book. And they are six-month programs. If you love King’s workouts and make good gains using his techniques, then you will certainly enjoy this book and the provided workouts. All are done on a three-day-a-week schedule.

It also includes good information on the muscles of the body, nutrition, exercise descriptions and much more!

That sounds really cool guys! I would really be interested in reviewing anything u throw my way.

I curious if supplement reveiws will be part of this?

Let the reviewing begin!

I wonder how much harder Chris’s job of recruiting companies will become once a few bad reviews start rolling in.

doogie, it won’t be hard at all. If they don’t want to provide their items for testing and I really want them tested, then T-Nation will simply go to a retailer and buy them.

underdawg, when the T-Jack Review launches we’ll simply make a post asking who wants to test a certain product. You’ll either reply to the thread or PM me and I’ll pick X number of people to test it out and write the review.

Bvoid, sure, we’ll probably do supplement reviews as well.

Chris, I’ll let you know now that I’m interested in reviewing the two different calipers as well as well as the DVD from John Berardi.

I know that it’s not needed to reply here, but I thought I’d let you know in advance. Thank you.


If you are taking requests, then I volunteer myself to review the No Nonsense Nutrition DVD’s from John Berardi.

If not, then well… I will have to try again later I guess.

This is a great idea!

I’m with Patricia,
I’d love to review the Berardi DVD

I’d like to review the RealDoll, but only if I get it first.

damnit warhorse, i was gonna ask for something like that!! :frowning:

if you’re taking requests I’d like to review either of the calipers, the book of muscle, and definitely the nutrix shakers. I hate all the shakers I’ve tried so they’d better hope they’re good
cause I will be brutally honest;]

Try stuff out , tell you what I think …
well, hell, consider me Signed up…

Ren: I’ll send it your way if there’s anything left of it when I’m through.