Heya Manimals. For the past two years (in October) I’ve gotten inked. I have on my right bicep the Chinese zodiac sign for “Monkey” (What did you expect?) With a Monkey design (named “Ted”) around it. I think I may want just ONE more tat before I find a new expressionary medium. I’m thinking the TESTOSTERONE logo with my tag (Monkeyboy Eric) around it. At this point, you are asking yourself, how sick a mofo am I? Don’t I care how I’ll look when I’m 75? And so on. Firstly, extremely sick and happy to be so. Secondly, I train now to look good and feel good now, I’ll probably be a fit and failry buff 75…with tatoos. Whatcha think mah jungle friends? Lata.

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yet im only 17… and i think some tatoos are cool… like barb wire around the arms… i never wanted to get one though… but a testosterone tatoo sounds cool as shit… maybe on my ankle… just a little one

Hey MB, I heard that tattoos can be catabolic to the muscle which holds the tattoo. Have you noticed a size decrease at all?

Heya Manimals. Nah, barbed wire is too tat-cliche. Too common in my opinion, you want soemthing more personal that reflects you or soemthing you’re involved in. Like the Hell’s Angels or Group sex.

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Personally, I think the idea is pretty stupid. Then again, you do start every post with “Heya manimals”, so I can tell we don’t agree on what sounds dumb and what sounds good.

Eric, if you’re serious about getting something Testosterone related inked, take pictures while you’re getting it done and we’ll publish them in the magazine. Maybe the tat place will give you a discount if we plug them, too.

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Tattoos are cool, but not when you’re just getting a tattoo for the sake of getting a tattoo. I see a lot of people with barb wire or some other design around their arm. Also, tattoos around the ankle are feminine. Get something that means something to you, not just what other people tell you to get.

Me and all my friends on my floor in my dorm that I’d converted are thinking about WWTMD tattooed on our shoulders, just as a reminder, we all need to be t-men.

Heya Manimals. Thanks for the support. I appreciate the attempt BMJ, however I think that your quote would be too long for a reasonably sized tatoo, however you’re free to use it if ya like. And B, what more can I say than the fact that your name starts with the second letter of the alphabet. Mike, NYCE, 'nuff said. Well, I have a while to consider it, I’ll keep you all updated. It’s funny how a little ink in an arm can get under people’s skin. PS: No, my arm has actually grown considerably since getting inked, catabolism only occurs if the artist is a hack (literally) or there is a bad reaction to the ink. I’ve read that darker skinned individuals are often sensitive to red dyes. Anyways, continue foaming at the keys. Lata.

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haha! What Would T Men Do

How about that logo from the movie “12 Monkeys”? Always thought that would make a good tat. Seems to fit your moniker. Remember guys – this is a form of self-expression. If you don’t like tat’s, don’t get one!

MB: I think its a great idea! Nothing expresses creativity and free thought than putting a magazine title on one’s person. I can totally tell you’re the type of guy who doesn’t care what anyone thinks (thats why your getting a tat right?) and is not afraid to expess it! I wish more 20 year olds out there were like you: liberated from the hypnotic allure of pop culture and all its trendy pitfalls! Kudos to you MB (a true original) I’m sure you’ll look back 20 years from now still donning the monument to your manly expressionism with nothing but pride and satisfaction! …GO FOR IT!

Mike Tyson has tattoos of Mao Zedong, Arthur Ashe, and Che Guevara. I was thinking it would be cool to get a tattoo of Mike Tyson on my shoulder, but I’m not going to.

… I saw this one thing on the forum a few days ago that made me think … this dude was hyped to get a tatoo with his tag … of the tmag logo … and youd think inkin was his bag … cause on his other arm he had a monkey … like you see in a zoo … come to think about it … his name was … it was you. Damn. MB - seriously, my initial thought was that just the word “Testosterone” in the same font would be best. Mark C - I was already a fan for life but I am more so after reading your post the second time … On tatoos generally, Im often amazed at the proportion of “generation y” guys with tattoos and the similar proportion of young women having them on their lower back.

I was almost going to forgo the Heya Manimals, but screw it. Heya Manimals. Mark, great post man. The cynisism was simply acidic and it was poignent and funny. I’ve decided that if I do anything, it’ll probably be an offshoot of the T-mag desktop “steel” logo. The big metal “T” with the “Testosterone” font below. In all honesty, I really didn’t get the original Monkey tat’s to prove myself as an “individual just like everybody else” I got because I have an unhealthy obsession with my little primate friends and I just enjoy it for what it is, ink in my skin that forms a picture. I suppose that about covers it for now. Oh, just so we don’t all rupture and forget what this site is dedicated to, I had a completely kickass chest and tri workout today. Lata.

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