T Injection = Low Libido. HCG Injection = High Libido

How does this make sense?
It’s not only T injections but any AAS I inject seems to lower my libido below baseline, no matter how little or how much I inject. But HCG vastly increases my libido over baseline.

I inject 500iu hcg twice weekly.
I’ve tried every kind of testosterone dosage from as little as 250mg a week to 2.1 gram a week. Any dose will lower my libido EVEN IF I TAKE AN AROMATASE INHIBITOR.

Taking an AI ruins my libido. Libido from testosterone took a very long time for me. It was the last thing to come. Now my libido is like that on an 18 yr old. Could also be that 250mg of T was too high of a dose. 1000iu of hcg will cause your testosterone to go up much lower than 250mg of T will. On T my libido wasn’t great or consistent until I was dialed in on dose & protocol.

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That’s a massive weekly dosage and not at all common, I only need 7-10mg daily. A lot depends on SHBG levels and androgen sensitivity, not raw numbers.

Note that I’ve been on T for almost a year nonstop. Didn’t make a single difference.
I’m on hcg right now while my testosterone is elevated and I have other hormones in my blood too.

Only when I injected the HCG did I get the 15-year-old-I-want-to-fuck-everything libido.

I have seen a few guys where without HCG, TRT doesn’t do anything for libido, Nelson Vergel, founder of excelmale is the same, he’s been on TRT longer than anyone and one day his libido was gone, HCG brought if back from the dead.

The LH suppression is the cause, most will see a decline in other hormones in the years to come because LH is suppressed, some will not notice, but others will.

1/4 of a 0.050 anastrozole will murder my libido and shove my penis up into my scrotum.

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I have heard that enzymes causing conversion of T are mostly found in the scrotum thus when you take hcg, and T is produced in the scrotum, more is metabolized to other hormones.
However, having experimented with actual dehydrotestosterone, which killed my libido just as testosterone did, I can probably rule this out.

I know progesterone has a pro-libido effect on me so this could explain it perhaps somewhat but HCG has a much stronger effect on libido than progesterone has when I have taken progesterone. DHEA I have also taken, which HCG also increases the production of, but DHEA likewise seems to have a negative effect on my libido just as testosterone.

The problem is you likely didn’t do testosterone correctly so in reality you really don’t know how it will effect your libido. What are your blood results from 250mg/week? I’m all for high T levels but 250mg is a lot especially all at once. If you are talking about a year long cycle with the goal of gaining muscle then that’s one thing but TRT at 250mg once a week would cause most folks to have issues.

Why would high testosterone lower libido when binding to androgen receptors increases libido? As I said, aromatase inhibition does not increase my libido in these cases.

You are over simplifying it.

How? I’m always willing to learn something new.
It is well recognized that the stronger the AR agonist, the stronger the effects on libido.
I see no reason T should decrease libido in higher dosages.

Search libido on the T replacement section of T Nation. You’ll see that almost everyone that is dialed in is doing between 100-200mg and once they find the right dose & injection frequency that they feel good at without issues the libido usually comes after. For instance, once I finally found the right dose and injection frequency that had me feeling like a normal human (at the minimum) it then took another 3-4 months before libido came. Everyone will react differently but I think you could have better results by starting at a lower dose, say 150mg and give it enough time to work, (months) do blood work and go from there whether you lower or increase your dose.

I’m on 200mg weekly and my libido is crazy high. No HCG or AI’s at all.

If you’re getting blood work done and all looks right, then keep doing what works for you.

Maybe your body converts test to estrogen much higher or faster than others. Get some blood work done and see where you are.

I know my libido doesn’t come online until I get my T and E2 ratios right, TT must be 400> and estrogen <35, otherwise libido declines the higher estrogen climbs. You took an AI to control estrogen, no one thought how free E2 was affected taking anastrozole.

Had the exact same reaction. Didn’t happen right away, but by week 3 or so, my libido was pretty much non existent. That said, I was on a low dose of 75mg a week so my levels only went up to the mid 600’s, but still, my libido was much better prior to starting.

As soon as I stopped T and started HCG, not only did my libido go through the roof, but my loads became much bigger.

Now if I only I can get this water retention under control…

This is another weird thing. My loads are non-existent on cycle of T or other androgens. I don’t even produce semen (semen is the clear liquid from the prostate, sperm is the white stuff from the testicles).
On HCG my loads do increase, both semen and sperm.

Why would androgens reduce not only sperm but also semen load?

Everyone is different. My libido was mostly through the roof since I was a teen. It’s even higher now since being on T and HCG for 2 years and I’m now 46. Thank god I have an absolute nympho for a GF because I’ve had some past partners that could not even remotely keep up. But libido is affected by more than T. What kind of lifestyle do you live? Lots of alcohol? Crappy sleep? High Stress from work or other areas? Do you do drugs? Smoke? How’s your self image? Diet? Etc.

What kind of sexual partner(s) do you have? I notice my libido is amplified when I’m with sexier/sluttier women. My current and last partner are/were both big titted, very sexy and sexually wild women (both women are head turners). That helps me as I was married to a woman who was very vanilla and had zero sex appeal for a long time and noticed my libido was way lower then. But when I am with women who look like they are built to fuck then I am ready at all times. I even noticed that effect while single and dating a lot. The hotter/flirtier women revved me up way more than the shy/reserved women. But that’s what works for me and may not be as big a factor for you.

Lots of factors in the libido department that you need to assess to truly determine what combo works for you.

I’m not sure why but I somehow have as big or bigger loads on T than not. Haven’t taken HCG in probably a month. It’s kind of weird, I was expecting a decrease or at least a consistency change or something but instead I got as much or more.

I dunno. It’s weird

So I need to up my dose of sexy big titted women and drop the more conservative smaller breasted ladies. I’ll see if my pharmacy carries those.


I highly recommend it.

Same. One girl even kinda jokingly made fun of me when I blew my load and a few little droplets came out. Now with HCG I’m pretty much putting holes in the wall.