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T in the Toliet at 29

Hello all. I am very hopeful that you can help me with the issues that I have been going through for a while.

I just got back from the endo with my labs. I have been feeling like shit for a few years now and knew that something wasn’t right and finally decided to get a blood test. All symptoms pointed to low T/high E. Low energy and libido, estrogenic fat gains, shitty performance in the gym, slight depression and anxiety and “brain fog” that has really hurt my performance at work. Not to mention that I am a 29 year old newlywed with an extremely hot wife that I rarely have sex with.

Anyway, I was really up front with the doc about my symptoms and my ideas about what the problem was. He told me to fast for 12 hours and come back to get blood drawn, which I did. I waited to hear something for over a week and finally received a summary of my results from the nurse that said my cholesterol was a couple points above normal and that I should eat better, exercise and come back in a month to draw more blood. WTF!? The only thing that was on the summary that was sent to me was HDL, LDL and triglycerides.

To make a long story short, I went in to the doc’s office and asked for a copy of the lab report, and sure enough my T was really low. The lab did not give me number for E2 which I was not happy about because I asked the doc specifically if they test for it.

My question for you all is how bad is it? I read alot of posts here and the range is much different than what I received on my labs. The results are as follows:
Total T… 92L ng/dl range 97-219
Free T… 1.1 ng/dl range 0.8-1.8
TSH… 3.94 range 0.4-4.5 mIU/L

I am obviously out of range with the total T and on the lower end for free T, but the range given is for adults over 18. Is that to suggest that a 90 year old man should be in the same range as an 18 year old? Seems very odd to group the two together. Everything else that was tested was within range besides total cholesterol (213, range 125-200).

I am very open to the idea of HRT at this point and am fortunate to be within an hour driving distance of Dr. Crisler. Honestly, if money wasn’t an issue I would have already made an appointment with him, but money is tight right now. I would like to know if anybody has some advice and could help me get a read on how bad things are with the ranges given or if I am overreacting.

Thanks for reading guys. Any help you can give to get me out of this mess is much appreciated.

I’ve never had my T levels checked, but I have used both DHEA (125mg/day) and Alpha Male (1 pill/day) but not at the same time. Both had about the same effect on me, which was more energy, feeling healthy, and wanting sex. These are not HRT, they are just supplements, but they have helped me.
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At age 29, total T below range indicates that something is seriously wrong. The fact that your doctor isn’t talking to you about this and ordering more tests right away tells you that this doctor is never going to help you and you need a new doctor.

There is a MEDICAL reason your T is this low at your age and you need to get this addressed by a specialist.

Your current doctor is fucking you over and you’re paying him to do it. Quit wasting your time and money on this asshole.

Believe me, I have no intention of wasting any more time or money on this dickhead. I was just commenting to my wife on how easy his job must be. Just ask what they symptoms are, order full blood labs and read what is out of range on the test. And he even managed to fuck that up!!!

What I would like to do is take my results to another doctor and be able to get treated from these, but I don’t know how realistic that is. I called Dr. Crisler’s office and asked the receptionist and she thought that he would want new tests. With him not accepting insurance, the initial consultation and getting my blood tested could cost a good chunk of change that I just don’t have right now. So I’m currently searching for a new doctor in the area that accepts insurance and knows what he/she is doing. If anybody knows of one in the SE Michigan area, please let me know. In the meantime, I’ll check out the link on your site, Happydog. Thanks for helpful info BTW.

Do this. Have your family Dr order a Rhien 24 hour urine test, which is what Crisler uses, and then go see him with the results. At least you’ve eliminated the cost of labs then. The Rhien test is something your family Dr can order and will be covered by insurance.

After that you’re just looking at $250 to see Crisler the first time and $60 for additional VOVs. His prices are really cheap and he’ll write you scripts that your local pharmacy can fill under incurance. If you use injections TRT is REALLY cheap.