T + hCG Injections

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I would definitely not mix the two. Pinning IM and pinning SC are night and day different.[/quote]

SC for both, post #3, 9, 11, & 16 in this thread.


IM works best for me, but to each their own I suppose. I find I get more irritation with subq (swelling and redness at the injection site). I inject T & HCG EOD and as far as results go, I would say I also feel better with the IM injections (overall sense of well-being & balanced mood) versus subq which I tried for about 2 months. I only stopped subq as the numerous red welts on my lower abdomen became unsightly, not to mention sore. I have no soreness or redness with IM injections at all.

As for your Q about mixing HCG with T, why would you even want to? To save on needles? To reduce the amount of injections? For whatever reason, I don’t think its a good idea. I would imagine that some of the HCG particles might stick to the T oil and become either less effective or ineffective once injected into the body as KSman alluded to earlier. This is only speculation on my part, but either way, why take the chance?

Thanks, bangwhosnext. I’m going to look into IM injections sometime down the road, but right now I can barely stand to inject SC. Yes, I’m a wuss, that is why I wanted to inject the T & hCG together, so I won’t have to do it multiple times.

I did try the two together, every four days last month. Nothing at all wet wrong as far as I could tell. No swelling or redness, except for once when I got a painless bruise. Volume was .25ml of 200mg/ml cyp, and .10ml of 2,500iu/ml hCG makes a total of .35ml, which was somewhat uncomfortable SC in my abdomen; I could feel it migrating somewhere else immediately. And this was at only half of the T-Nation protocol for hCG.

Starting this month, I have changed the injections to the same T every four days and alternating .10ml hCG every other day, both SC. That’s three times as many injections–yow!–something I have been trying to minimize.