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T - Haiku


I am so inspired
Let's make more posts with haiku
I don't have teh ghey

don't act like a bitch
curls in the squat rack are ghey
I hate those damn chodes

Put It In Her Butt
Pics Or It Did Not Happen
tried hitting her yet

Credit for the inspiration goes to BradTGIF, Clockworkchad and <<>>... lawsonsamuels, true T-men.


Like fish she smelled Ewww
I yelled my passion spent I
retreat and relent


Professor X reigns
Jasmincar wears the dunce hat
AndrewG drinks jizz


as I recall it
was my post that inspired
them to start haikus


polo you are right
somehow i got the credit
you need more dbol


thanks chad i love boobs
big bouncy boobs with nice nipples
I am a motorboat


Professor X types
All we see is hamburger
No fruits or veggies


When will Kerley come
How will he fap to this thread
Without pics of boobs


Credit gave to me
take it I will, no shame here.
Polo still the best


Print's still a weakling
Wormwood's lookin' good these days
HH is cranky


polo I'm sorry
you did INSPIRE the haiku
you get credit too

even though you did
not use the right syllables
you are still my bro


First post in RMP
Gentleness most welcome
Need more arms


Thank you AC I
Appreciate it a lot
you are my bro, too


L.O.L. You need
to learn what a haiku is
you dumb bastard you


Haiku is art form
Five, seven, five, always so.
Google it dumbass.


Green frog,
Is your body
Freshly painted.


Andrew the G Reings
Lankey kills his own threads
and cant spell his name


Technically not true
Some rules lost in translation
Japan does it right


Print, a sorry dog
tongue hangs, hello nearest girl
PM him photo


Big Booty...
I'm about to hit
She screams