Hello to All, I’m Raz, that’s T-Raz to you guys.

Firstly I’m new to this place n I’m a little T’d out so forgive me if I posted this in the wrong section.

Well I just wanted to introduce myself and I do have 1 little question. Does this website ship to the UK? I wish to order a t-t-shirt, some books and perhaps some supps.

BTW, I have browsed this place daily for atleast 6-8months. It is cool and I always read the new articles. Appreciate all the hard work and effort to the top dogs, hat’s off to them. Thank you to all the t staff and all the t-users.

Looking forward to my t-journey, but before I persue I need fuel. Its time for my ‘T’ :smiley:


[quote]T-Raz wrote:

T-welcome, T-Raz, I’m T-D… Damnit! Let’s drop the T-shit since it’s a given that we’re all dripping with T on here. One thing you should know up front, you can’t post pics or videos with nudity.

Here’s a little roadmap:

Author’s Locker Room: contrary to how it sounds, you won’t get glimpses of Chad Waterbury or Christian Thibadeau toweling each other down. Nor will you see Alwyn Cosgrove or Charles Staley shaving their legs for speed. I can’t guarantee that you won’t see Dan John doing teaching goblet squats in the shower (shiver). Instead, you get access to top coaches and fitness professionals - for free!

Building a Better Body is where you learn that to get big forearms, you need to spend the first hour of every workout doing wrist curls with 405 lbs. Other topics you might find there are polite discussions on the virtues of swiss ball routines.

Figure Competitors forum is brand new and is a place where you can check out the finest ladies on this site and applaud their progress, just don’t post what you’re really thinking there - we keep it respectful on that forum.

Over 35 Lifter offers a wide range of geezer-related topics, like why your prostate may hurt while you’re doing deep squats, or why you’re injured half the time.

Beginners is, I think, for kids 13 and under, but I could be wrong on that one.

Physique and Performance Photos: You can see fat/skinny guys posting pics of themselves and make funny comments about them. You can also post pics of yourself and argue with people who tell you that you have small arms when it’s obvious they are your strength.

Supplements and Nutrition is where you ask people how many calories are in .9 bananas.

Strength Sports has a lot of cool threads about throwing and carrying big things, bending nails with bare hands and stuff like that.

Project Superhero is devoted to ProfX.

Get a Life is where they stick all of my serious stuff, and it’s also where your thread ended up.

Sex and the Male Animal: You can find scantily clad women (with an occasional nipple slip that gets by the moderators) and frank medical discussions on all things related to being a sensitive man in the '00s. I’ve learned all I know about sex on this forum. But you can’t post pics or videos with nudity (although bare asses is cool as long as you don’t show any dingle-dangle).

Muscle Sorority section is basically where you post pics of yourself to ask what they think of your sexy factor. They also have other salient topics like how every woman apparently orgasms while doing Roman Chair situps.

T-Nation War Room is an on-line combat gaming site. I’ve never ventured in there because I think games are time-wasters.

Some useful functions:

Search: I don’t think it works because no one seems to use it.

Random Article: I think if you click on this function, it revives old threads that most people had hoped were safely dead.

Also, don’t forget to check out the vast library of articles from the coaches that contribute to this site.

Well, there’s a lot more on here if you poke around. Just remember, you can’t post pics or vids with nudity.

Welcome and enjoy.


Greetings and Salutations.

DB, you are bloody hilarious, as usual.


Lmao at DB. Thanks for the T-mendous welcoming. You guys are T-riffic. Ok quits now!!!

Anyway, can products be shipped to the UK?

Thanks in advance, Raz

Welcome, Raz!

And DB, you’re killing me here.

[quote]T-Raz wrote:

Anyway, can products be shipped to the UK?

Thanks in advance, Raz[/quote]

I believe so.