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T Gel on Stomach = Estrogen?

Hi All,

I’ve been putting my gel on my traps/shoulders/biceps but after 2 months it’s starting to irritate my skin and turns it red about an hour after application. Also seems like it is not going in as quickly as before.

So now I’m wanting to find alternative places to apply.

I tried the tops of my feet - was okay, but took long to get in.

I’m also reading that it’s possible to apply to the stomach/ab area. So that leads me to ask - with me at about 18-20% body fat, most of it visceral in the abs/chest area, would that cause the T to convert to Estrogen before hitting my blood? Or am I good to apply to my abs?

I think the pamphlet I had when i used gel specifically says not to apply to the stomach because of conversion. It had the upper arm/shoulder diagram but didnt say anything about any other body parts besides the Frank and beans and stomache

Thanks for the reply - I looked at the Androgel insert online and I think the 1% version says it’s okay to apply to abdomen, and the 1.62% says not to. WTF? Anyways… if my body fat was much lower, would it have been okay to apply to the abs? I think I remember a video with Dr. Cissler where he put it on his abs/forearms.

Sounds like you should give T cream a try which is applied to the scrotum, 8x times more absorption that anywhere else.

Yes I’ll do that next. Right now I use the gel on my scrotum in the evenings, especially an hour or two before sexual activity - gives a nice boost!

T cream is 200mg/20%, not the weak watered down tea you on now.

I hear ya, I’m on a 5% “black market” gel and it’s pretty damn strong. 20% would be a nice kick to the T levels. I’ve read application to scrotum causes quick absorption, which turns into E/DHT. Is that true?

I don’t know about quicker but it does absorb better then gels. Yes the DHT conversion is real. Mine at last labs was 260 with the top of the range being 85 haha. I have read that the enzyme that causes aromatization of E2 resides in the skin so that gel elsewhere could affect it also. Not sure if that enzyme is also in the scrotal skin like the DHT one is. I did have higher E2 with cream in the beginning but have been using an AI.