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T Gel Giving Me Insane Results in Just Days?!

Hi Folks. I know some will think I’m trolling or advertising so for that reason I will not mention the brand of gel I’m using - I WILL mention that it is not a pharma gel, it’s from the ‘black market’ but has good reviews all around.

I’m a 35 year old male, generally healthy with a decent amount of activity for many years (into weight lifting etc) but by no means am I an athlete or anything. I eat healthy, have a HIGH stress life due to my career, and have done lots of research in this field.

A month ago I hooked up with a local doctor who said he could get me on TRT if my test levels come in below 700. I was impressed, but chickened out when I went in for my blood test - I saw they needed FOUR vials of blood and my veins literally went missing. The girl said she didn’t feel confident drawing since my veins were not visible - rare, but it happened. So I skipped the test and re-scheduled.

Before that time - I had ordered some T Gel (again won’t mention the brand, website, etc) and after that ‘failed’ test I decided I want to try the Gel for 4-5 weeks, see if it helps, then I can be more encouraged at seeing 4 vials of blood go out (BTW I’ll be okay with intra-muscular injections, it’s just the veins that scare me).

Okay so the point of my post - I applied the gel on my shoulders - instructions said to go between 2-3ml each day, I went with 2.5ml spread between two shoulders. The website said I should barely start to ‘feel’ the benefits by week 3-4 or so…HOWEVER, HOLY MOLY, on day #2 I started to feel something. I figured it’s placebo, I’m tripping out…

I’m now 7 or 8 days in and I’m 100% sure nothing is placebo:

  1. I’m feeling more positive about life in general

  2. I have a higher sex drive, my wife is clearly noticing this - happening every night

  3. I’m more confident

  4. I’m bloated like crazy with water weight in my chest/abs

  5. I’m feeling more energetic at the gym

  6. I’m getting comments from people about looking better/more muscular (I’m almost certain it’s the water weight making me look bigger)

  7. I’m sleeping better without worrying none stop

  8. I’ve been able to sleep in more, before I’d get up at 4 or 5AM ready to worry my ass off for the day of stress coming up - now I wake up at 7 AM feeling refreshed, ready to take on the day, handle the stress in a productive way

I can go on…

I’m following the instructions were closely - showering in the morning, applying the gel, letting it dry, then going over it with lotion 1 or 2 more times…

Could I have been not only low on T, but also be highly sensitive to T? As in lots of receptor?

I’m tripping out at how I feel these benefits so quickly.

Yes I know a blood test is needed - and I have it scheduled for 4/29, going through with it - although I think the T will come in high even if I stop the gel 1 week prior to the test.

Any research to show T Gel kicking in this quickly? Everything I read says 1 month before any benefits are felt…

Usually the gels or creams are applied daily so the delivery system is pretty quick. What you are feeling is your T plus the extra T from the gel. This will dissipate over the next couple of weeks as your HPTA system shuts down, with the introduction of exogenous testosterone, and your body relies solely on the gel and produces no more endogenously. Generally this is referred to as the honeymoon period.

That being said your blood test will be based solely on when the last time you applied the gel. If its been a week your T will probably be close to 0 if I understand how gels work. I think its all out of your system within 48-72 hours.


I will literally do anything within reason to continue to feel like this…I haven’t even yet really experienced any fat loss, muscle glycogen increase, etc so I know more benefits are to come. I may have very absorbent skin, a good T Gel, and like you said the honeymoon period. I’ll def be open to increasing the dose once my own system shuts down.

Well it is starting to shut down now so please consider this is you plan on having children in the future.

You should probably get a blood test mid day while on the gel to see where it is you feel so good because things are going to change as your own T drops. Ive also read that application spots’ absorption can decrease over time.

BTW, four vials doesnt mean four needles? One needle and they swap out the vials. Its pretty painless. Just make sure you are fully hydrated.

Might not shut down. It depends how much he’s taking. Keep in mind gels are like 10-20 absorption. Where injectiond 100%.

My veins are the same. They still took blood.
Doesn’t matter. It jsut takes more work.

Not taking booods before starting your TRT is irresponsible my friend. Your playing with fire. You have no clue what your body needs or doesn’t need.

Yeah but if he is getting substantial T from the gel for his body then HPTA is disrupted. I have to assume the gel is dosed to account for the absorption and still allow a healthy T level which should shut the system down.

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Yah who knows. maybe that sped up my low t issues … coming off the gel in my 20s without trying to kick the system back online.

How long before my blood test on April 29 should I stop using this gel? I want to keep it going through until my birthday weekend which is on April 12/13/14 Since I have some plans for that weekend.

4-7 days id guess

Take the blood about 2-4 hours after you dose or right before. Depends what you want. I’d want to see where it is right after I dose. My peak.

I believe the blood test is to show he is low for his doctor so that he can go on injections.

Take it right before you normally would take the gel. Also take less gel if you want until low. Fudge it :blush:

I don’t think I need to mess with the results for 2 reasons:

  1. The doc I found said if my levels come in below 700 he can put me on…great doc


  1. Seeing how this gel kicked in so quick and is having such a dramatic effect, I’m pretty sure my levels were low to begin with.

Just don’t want the test to come in falsely high because of the Gel. I think I’ll stop 1 week before hand.

Oh and I made an appointment with the same doc tomorrow morning to discuss these dramatic results I’m getting from the Gel, want to see what he says, and I’ll also confirm with him when he recommends I stop the gel prior to the test.

Like @NH_Watts said above you are in the honeymoon phase where you have introduced exogenous t on top of what your body was already producing therefore you have inflated levels. I felt that way also after 2 days of introducing a t-cyp cream. I think you need to be realistic that the feeling isn’t going to last as your body shuts down its own production though. You may or may not get that feeling back completely, more than likely not and need to be prepared for that. Not saying you won’t feel better on TRT because you will (if needed), but if you end up trying to chase that feeling you might end up sorely disappointed. Honestly your doctor sounds like he is just trying to make a buck not really caring about your well being. Under 500 I understand especially in conjunction with low free-T but higher than that and your not being therapeutic your in it for the $'s in my personal opinion. Wish you the best man, good luck.

The gel is immediate it doesn’t build up for weeks right? So going off for a week will only cause you to suffer 24/48 hours aftwe your last dose.

The elimination half-life of AndroGel isn’t fully elucidated, but is believed to fall within the range of 8.73 and 21.82 hours.

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You are ONLY on gel at this point. Your body isnt making anything. There is no falsely high since you are making ZERO.

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I think he’s saying my body is also producing since it’s only my first week. Anyhow, I’m going to the doc in about 1 hour to consult again and see what he has to say about my use so far and the dramatic effects I’m getting.

Update @albert88

I’m on week 2 of using this T Gel I had found online. I gotta say, the first week felt insanely great, but now the effects have decreased a bit. Looking at myself in the mirror, I feel like my muscles are holding more glycogen despite my tapering of carbs (trying to fight this water weight that started with the use of the gel).

Overall I do feel more confident, able to handle my work better, higher libido for sure, and a better overall sense of well being - all of these, minus the libido, was missing before the T Gel.

I’m now split on my 4/29 blood test day…Met with my doctor, he said if I stop the gel within 7-10 days prior to the test then it should come in within range so that he can prescribe me T (with injections)…however since I’m getting decent results with the gel, and I’m not the biggest fan of needles, I’m wondering if I should stick with the gel and get tested to see what it’s doing to my levels…

Overall, I do agree, I went through a honeymoon phase I guess. Really curious how the next couple weeks will go…