T Gel, Finastride, Hair Loss and Gains

i have been to the endo today and he said i could try a test-gel or patch if my bloods come back like the last, which are below…i’m 35, 6ft1, 102kg

prolactin 73 mU/L range (0-500)
fsh 1.5 IU/L range (1-11)
LH 1.3 IU/L range (1-8)
albumin 44 g/L range(35-50)
SHBG 23 nmol/L range (11-71)
testostorone 12.4 nmol/L range (10-37)

i wanted to go on test cyp injections +hcg+ ai but i had to fight to get the chance of going on the gel

so just a couple of questions

how drastic is it on the hair, I already have receeding hair line and would make one ugly chrome dome if it went…

i know the gel increases dht, not good for hair but good for otherthings, finastride will help keep the hair, is anybody on both? and is it working?

am i likely to see any gains in muscle, strength, mood?

any help would be great…

You need DHT for libido and maintenance of the genitalia.

I can’t speak to treatment options in the UK.

You will get good results if you are an absorber and your E2 levels do not get too high. Some absorb well for a short time then that stops with skin changes. Some simply do not absorb. As that is also a symptom of hypothyroidism, one should test thyroid levels if that happens.

If you get TT and FT into the upper normal range, you should loose fat and gain muscle. If E2 is elevated, the fat loss can only go so far. Mood will improve, but E2 levels can reverse that.

Some E2 numbers with your labs would have been useful. You may have E2 problems already.

Find and read my injection protocol for reasons you need hCG.

hey cheers for the response, i’ll read the info, i’ll have to see how i get on when i start, hopefully my hair won’t end up down the plug hole…