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T for female libido

My wife’s 48 year female friend has said that her doctor told her that T would help her get her libido back as she is hitting menopausal time of life. I would appreciate any feedback on this. Would a FEW sprays of Androsol work? A few caps of Tribex? Could it be this simple to increase the joy of life? :slight_smile:

My 54 yr old wife has used Androsol in 5-15 spray doses. Libido was jacked up very high,very quickly. However, after 4or5 weeks using 2-5 times per week, she believes her voice couldn’t hit the high notes when singing. Without question body hair thickened, climax intensified but duration shortened. She only uses Androsol on"special" occasions(when we’re traveling, etc)now. My recommendation would be to try the spray as a means of proving to your doctor she needs the real “test”. I’m 56 and my wife injects me with “t” every two weeks, believe me when I say it’ll take a minimum of ten years off!!

I think that T at a prescribed dosage
would be better in terms of improving
libido while not being virilizing than
Androsol is. At least when it comes
to facial hair growth in men (which may
or may not be a good indicator of whether
it causes differentiation (permanent
changing of the facial hair) in women)
4-AD is worse than T.

There are many herbal remedies now on the market for men & women. Some are less invasive and might be worthwhile researching… you may suggest she try these prior to attempting stronger methods.
I have also heard that many post-menopausal women almost need to be beaten off with a stick. Libido may return… just something I’ve heard … and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s true.