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This site is called T-Nation and it?s a great site for hypertrophy and I really enjoy and appreciate it for that. But I just don?t see the connection with testosterone here. I?m not trying to be difficult, but I rarely come across anyone trying to maximize T naturally (except maybe in the HRT or steroid threads).

I?ve always found this rather puzzling. Can someone explain this to me? Is this because the only goal is hypertrophy? Is it because the assumption is made that if hypertrophy is achieved then T must be following?

I?m just curious because, after all, we know the young guys can just look at a weigh and put on muscle. Why? Cuzz of T of course.

I sometimes wonder if we have the cart before the horse?

Someone correct me if I?m wrong, but the studies show that T is boosted briefly after weightlifting by between 5 and 20% depending on intensity, muscle mass involved, etc. The studies also show that overtraining whacks T even on the young guys. What I?m getting at is this: T-levels are not really that effected by weight training in any time frame past a half hour out of the gym (unless you overtrain which is a negative effect).

If I?m missing something, let me know. But why not increase your T before you go to the gym?

Am I the only one who thinks this way?






The Testosterone in Testosterone Nation refers not only to the hormone, but a kind of philosophy of life that's been part of the site since its inception.

This might help explain things:



Great article. But something he wrote explains exactly my point:

"Why are the two intertwined? Because the T in T-Nation stands for Testosterone. T-Nation bestows holy status on this hormone of hormones. We seek to elevate and maintain Testosterone levels in the high-normal range, because if Testosterone equates to manhood and manhood is good, why not be as good as we can be?"

I just don't see that much on this site on how to raise your T unless it's via foreign substances. No big deal - it just strikes me as odd. Guys will do any supplement or life to squeeze out what they think might be an extra % or two into their workout, but when it comes to increasing their bodies own natural T production they seem relatively uninterested. Well, who said humans were easy to understand, right?


Show me one guy on here who's uninterested in this.


Actually, there have been many articles that discussed this very thing. If I had the time, I'd give some links.


I don't mind doing the work myself. What are some search words I could use? I've read quite a few articles on this site and the only thing I remember seeing on endogenous T production is all about supplements which I'm not that big on for a variety of reasons.

I take that back: I read a great article on sleep that discussed increasing T "naturally". But, other than that, the subject does not seem to come up from what I've read...


Good God man I would say EVERY or almost every article on nutrition and near the same with training and supps mention optimizing T. I dont know where to tell you to start. Where not to seems the better question.


Sorry, I should have gotten more specific. These articles may sometimes talk about how to get that short burst of T that occurs about 30 min after a workout. I was talking about how to increase your baseline T.