T-Fast Food

Thought this might be an interesting thread…Though some see it as a sin, we all occasionally (who am I kidding…alot), eat at fast food places such as Wendys, Macdonalds, BK and Tacobel. Without blowing ones diet, what do most of you order at these places to get clean and high protien food. Personally, at Wendys I go for the grilled chicken sandwich and a chili, BK its basically just a broiler, TB its only chicken soft tacos…anyone got any other favorite/healthy combos?

I’m addicted to Jack in the Crack. When I actaully give a damn about my diet, I’ll eat their chicken fahita pitas. Otherwise it’s their Jumbo Jacks or Crispy Chicken Sandwiches. Mickey D’s Grilled Chicken Sandwiches are good too if you’re dieting. Just ask to have ketchup instead of mayo on it.

I LOVE the wendy’s grilled chicken with just lettuce and tomatoe. Another good one is anyones hamburger (i.e. small burger not whopper or quarterpounder) with any topping but mayonaise. Not only is that stuff gross in my opinion they let it sit out for hours unrefigerated. Sick. (please excuse the spelling)

One word answer: Subway!

I like burger king. I get the double whopper, no onions, extra pickles. I take off the bottom bun to keep the carbs moderate. Friday, a good thing happened at Burger King. I hate cheese, so I told them a plain double whopper. Then when they gave me the burger I realized it had cheese so they gave me a new double whopper. I then took the bottom burger from the cheese one(this patty had no cheese) so I ended up with a triple whopper!
Whenever I go I never get a drink or fries. I just bring H20