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T-Enanthate and Anavar for Cutting

Hi all, i just have one quick question i am going to run Anavar (liquid ) for 2 months 80mg a day split into two doses morning and night . Might run it for a third month . I just wanted to get peoples opinions on adding T-Enanthate to the mix . I already know test- should be added to anything you take , but my main concern is water retention , it would be the oposite of what i am trying to achive. Many guys say test will cause water retention. With test i always use an anti E . My diet is very good by the way . Thank you for any opinions .

Yes it will slightly. Depending on how your body reacts. It does for me therefore I keep my test e dose between 150-300mg/wk while cutting, depending on how serious my cut is.

You can consider using a shorter ester such as propionate but if not I wouldn’t be too concerned with test e at a minimal dose.

Also try splitting your Var in to 3 doses. Levels will be much more stable and I notice a difference since Var’s half life is only 8 hours. Good luck.