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T:E2 Ratio Is What Matters?

Hi there,

I’m reading a lot of people state this: T:E2 ratio is what’s matters. How true is this?
I thought that always, regardless of the testosterone level, it was better to have E2 levels at 22-25. So for Testosterone levels of 2000, what would be optimal E2 levels? 80 pg/ml? (ratio 25 : 1).


High enough to not have the symptoms of low E2…Low enough to not have symptoms of high E2…

Not trying to generalize brother, but there is no “magic” number. It’s completely individual. If you are taking test for therapy purposes, then the right dose for you will be the one where the test to E2 ratio NATURALLY balances out (hemeostasis) in your body without being symptomatic.

Edit to add…and even then, depending on your body type, those numbers will change as your body type changes (bf%, etc.).

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Most of us that have been doing this awhile have our own theories based on what works for them.
I like a ratio of 15-25 and of course you can not be experiencing any negative side effects.



Holy crap @hrdlvn those are some insane numbers. Especially your free T. My total T is typically higher than yours but my free T is in the 30 range. Anything below 30 and I don’t feel or get any benefits from TRT. But 78? Holy mackerel. How do you feel? And so you’re saying that at that level, your E2 of 125 doesn’t affect you negatively?

I believe my E2 was only 40 when my T was over 1500ng/DL (day after 1ml of Sus. my T rises disproportionately to my E.) With a TT of 800 I get an E of like 20-25.

Interesting, thank you @hrdlvn, these are my labs @200mg Enantathe (250mg/ml - 0.4ml Mon & 0.4ml Thu ) no AI for 10 weeks.

I felt good but I assumed it shouldn’t be good/healthy to have such high levels of estrogens then I added 0.25mg a-dex on Mon & 0.25mg on Thu, started to feel less morning erections, less sex drive, checked e2 8 weeks later and these were the results:

This is what made me think that maybe it’s not so important to keep estrogen in the range rather than the ratio of testosterone/estrogen. I’m gonna drop a-dex for several weeks to see if I feel better.

Don’t go the AI route and give your body 3-6 months to level out with any change in dosage (especially an increase). There are no studies showing negative side effects of high estradiol (E2).

Sh_t I though we were in the pharma forum.
I probably should not have posted that blood test, my bad. No gtron this is not TRT.

You are welcome I hope I helped.
I like the ratio over trying to hit a moving target on one E2 number some think is best for all.
I have anastrozle on hand but only use it when I can’t stop crying, (so manly huh? well it is the only way I can explain it) By doing it this way I alway know I am OK or on the high side with my E2. Having high E2 is way better than low or crashed. Yes one has to look out for gyno but that is really hard to get inspite of what some say. Your E2 and prolactin have to be off the charts for a year or more. Running a slightly high E2 all my joints feel more fluid with freeer motion. I can screw better/longer.

I too have thought about a ratio being more important than a static e2 number. And since my free T is typically in the 30 range (300+ pg/ml), I thought my e2 had a lot of room to rise. However, despite my last labs showing my e2 only in the 40’s, I started to have a very painful burning sensation in my left nipple. As soon as I increased my arimidex, the pain went away and hasn’t returned. I don’t know for sure if e2 is what caused it or if it was a coincidence though…I’ve kept the increased adex the same though, because I just did new labs and am waiting to see what’s what.