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T:E Ratio for Urinalysis Testing?

Hey bros, After searching endlessley I can’t find much more info on this subject so I decided to try my luck with here. I’ve been on trt 200mgs of test E 100mgs of test P for months (trt replacment). Took 2 weeks off then pinned a dose of 100mgs of test E and 50mgs of Test P. Unknowingly I have a Testosterone/Epitestosterone ratio urinalysis in a couple days. So the time before the last injection and urinalyis will be about 8 days. It was a fairly low dose and I am aware of the half lives. Do I have any chamce of passing? The ratio I have to pass is 6:1 (also .5 mg of armidex in the ethanate if that has any effect)

The prop is already gone and the E about half-lived. I bet you will be fine if not low.

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Thanks for the reply, I hope so. I just fear that my epitestosterone will be really supressed due to the time I was “on”. Maybe not though, in the past month i only pinned a couple times


Any other knowledgeable opinions are greatly appreciated

Took the test today, fingers crossed. What are my chances?


seriously, how is asking your chances remotely useful? The odds will be 100% or 0% soon enough, lol

I know i know, just stressed. Hopefully there is breathing room with the T:E ratio test. Figured I would ask members with alot more knowledge on the subject than myself

there’s just no way to know for sure. That’s the issue. the test p is not necessarily a problem, but pinning test e just 8 days ago? I know i was joking around in my first post. but i really don’t think you’re gonna pass. that’s cutting it soooo close.

I appreciate the response, I know it’s close. The ratio I have to pass is 6:1 l. Pretty sure my natural testosterone production is low due to the cycle I ran (also my epitestosterone). Was on a trt cycle took a couple weeks off was going to start pct but decided to keep it going, took one shot and found out about the test. Do you think a dose of 150mg of testosterone would throw my ratio more than 6:1 in 8 days?