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T-dog and the T-dump

I started an abriviated t-dawg diet on Sunday. The only difference it is have two, EXTREME cheat meals a week. And when i say cheat, i mean go to Olive Garden, order alfrado, eat 3 baskets of bread… Maybe four. This type of diet has worked for me in the past, and i think i helps to pig out… Anyhow. When on Low carb diets, o have always had a problem with, shall we say, lose stool. I have tried eating a block of cheese in the past with no luck. I usually just ride it out for the few weeks i’m on it, but i’m getting too busy to spend half my day in the Bathroom(plus i have a 45min-hour drive to work everyday, and loose stool and traffic do not mix) Anyone have any advise about what has worked for them. As far as what i eat now. It is pretty clean. I weight 210, and i am a powerlifter. Now I know most of you are gonna say, ‘What the hell is a powerlifter wroring about the fat!’ I heve just noticed that my suits are getting a little tight a round the wieght. I and used to the shoulders growing, but not the old belly. Now i like to think that i have a pretty powerful midsection, so it is big to begin with… Anyhow… help me with my sh!t if you can. -no pun intended

I had this problem sometimes, I think I was consuming too much fat with my first meal in the morning (50 gms or more). Now I only take in about 30 grams also added more fiber to my meal. Does this happen all day? or is it after the 1st meal?. I am not sure if too much fat is the cause but try reducing its intake in your 1st meal. I hope this helps, also if it does work could you please post back, I like to know for sure why this happens. peace