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T-Dog 2.0 and Fat -Fast


How about mixing these two diets? One clean overfeed day on the weekend followed by one day of Fat-Fast style dieting then back to T-Dog 2.0 with intelligently timed PW carb ups? My reasoning is that the Fat-Fast right after the overfeed will cause a huge caloric deficit while my metabolism is cranked up. Both of these weekend days will be off of training as to minimize LBM loss. The rest of the week will be carefully managed T-Dog style. The entire cut will be supported by Hot-Rox and/or Methoxy-7. Any holes? Any suggestions?


I like the logic, RS. Give it a go. But to fully assess the effectiveness of your approach, get your BF tested before and after a 30-day period of time. Then you'll have hard numbers.

I did exactly that when I started testing a new dieting strategy 6 weeks ago. I can tell you how much LBM I put on, how much BF I dropped and what my before and after BF percentages are/were.


I'll do that Terry. I'm doing OVT and loose masssive eating right now. In about 2 1/2 weeks I'll be finished with that and I want to cut one last time before winter/late fall creeps in. Last time I had my BF% tested I was at about 10% up 1-1.5 % after the HR challenge and up 8-9 lbs on the scales. I want to break 190 while maintaining 10% or below and then cut as low as I ever have. What do you think about reversing the days instead? This just popped into my mind. Do the fast on the 1st weekend day then the overfeed before I start another week over.... hmmm. I got about 3 weeks to work this out.


Honestly, RS, re the order, I don't know. But if you're at a bit of a deficit during the week, it seems that doing the refeed/overfeed first would be more advantageous.

In fact one of the old-time BB approaches to bulking (emphasis on muscle, obviously, not just "weight") was to do just that, eat at a carb deficit during the week and overfeed all weekend.

It's all about experimenting and finding what works for US, for OUR unique metabolism. Sometimes our body plays by the rules of biochemistry and physiology, and sometimes it breaks or defies the rules.


I'm still working this out in my head. Once I get it completely put together I'll let you know what I plan on doing and post the results as well. I even thought about doing 2-3 Fat-Fast days for 2 weeks in a sort of "jump in" phase. Then cut back to one day of Fat-Fast after the overfeed. Since the rest of the week is going to be T-Dog 2.0 I'll balance out any small deficit with the Hot-Rox and/or Methoxy-7. I want to make T-Dog work a little faster but not as fast or as severe as Fat-Fast. Since I'm finally getting my body in the mode of bulking then cutting I think this will be even more effective than my last cut. I'm going to do a lot of HIIT, power/strength work, and of all things posture correction work focusing on Abs. I don't plan to make any mass so low reps high weight with some ballastic work in between. Wish me luck!


You might want to do a search on Fred Hatfield's Zig-Zag diet (high-low calorie cycling) for more ideas. If not on T-Mag, on the 'Net.

Nonetheless, save your P+F/Fat Fast days for days you don't lift. There's too much of an anabolic opportunity you're missing out on if you're not taking in carbs PWO.


I'm dropping down from 4 days of lifting (perscribed in OVT) to 3, in the traditional split. Each day of lifting will have 10 minute HIIT in early morning. I'm thinking about doing 2X10 minute (morning fasted and early evening) HIIT on two off days with the weekend completely off of all training. Initial Fat-Fast if I do more than one day will include HIIT for that day but no lifting. So breaks down like this-
Week 1 & 2
Monday- lifting and 10 HIIT T-Dog 2.0
Tuesday- 2X10 HIIT Fat-Fast
Wensday- lifting and 10 HIIT T-Dog 2.0
Thursday- 2X10 HIIT Fat-Fast
Friday- lifting and 10 HIIT T-Dog 2.0
Saturday- Clean overfeed all day
Sunday- Fat-Fast
Week 3 on out (possibly just 8 weeks total)
Monday- lifting and 10 HIIT T-Dog 2.0
Tuesday- 2X10 HIIT T-Dog 2.0
Wensday- lifting and 10 HIIT T-Dog 2.0
Thursday-2X10 HIIT T-Dog 2.0
Friday- lifting and 10 HIIT T-Dog 2.0
Saturday- Clean overfeed all day
Sunday- Fat-Fast


Looking good, there, RS. You're getting downright strategic, there!

By how much are you dropping your calories on non-lifting days? The amount of carbs you're not eating on T-Dawg days?

Get yourself measured so that you can see how effective your approach is. Inquiring minds want to know. (grin)


Kcals, measurements, macronutrient break down, is what I have to hash out in the next 2 weeks. I'm even planning a training routine that focuses on strength and power that I'm sticking to for the whole 8 weeks. I can't afford Methoxy-7 and Hot-Rox right now along with the specialized diet. I may just take Methoxy-7 and a guggul supplement. 6% has been just out of my reach for a while now so I want to make it 5%! No holding back!