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I was talking today with my brother about normal testosterone ranges and the such. I told him 300-1000 ng/dl and he didn’t know what those numbers were obviously but I had just got my T checked on Friday and he was inquiring why. He said “Obviously they will be high because you’re only 19.” I tried to explain that just because I’m 19 does not mean they will necessarily be high. The normal ranges is such a wide spectrum that I could be 300 (low) or 1000 ng/dl (high). I also told him that T levels can typically increase while in your 20’s. What I want to know is factual evidence. Is a 19 year old more likely to have higher T levels than say a 30 year old?? What about puberty?? How high is a teenager’s (say 12-16) T levels?? Was I right in saying that age is not the sole determinant of testosterone levels?? References would be nice too. Thanks.

Goodman and Gilman (The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, which is the standard reference text on pharmacology) has a chart and some discussion on this. There are also studies you could find – I have – by computer search. But I did not write them down. Anyway the matter is well established and is as you said.