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T-Dawgs Diet 2.0


I was reading the diet by T-Dawg and was curious about the 100/70 carbs. Is that 100g/70g of carbs per lb of body wieght or is that 100g/70g per day. Thanks


per day.


I bet you can answer this question with an additional 10 seconds of thought and a little math.


Definatley per day. I don't think eating 70-100g of carbs per lb of body weight is possible. Just do a search for the T-Dawg diet, it is discussed often and other threads will probably answer any other questions you might have.


100g/70g per lb of BW would be 20kg/14kg for a 200lb adult. I think that says enough :-S


DOH yeah i guess next time i will do the math. Thanks


No problem. T-Dawg 2.0 has been used by more people on this site than probably any other diet. So if you have any questions, just post them and you'll get a lot of feedback.