Ok this is proably a real no brainer but I still havent tried the T-Dawg or the anabolic diet. How well does this diet work and for how long? When you get off of this diet and then get back on it will it work as well the second time.

Have you read the Diet Manifesto article yet?

I’m using it right now. I’ve used it in the past, and using thermogenics throughout the day is very important. I’m using a little T-3 too this time, and things are progressing nicely.

I have been trying this diet for three weeks now. I’m losing fat and feel pretty good but the truth is it is fucking impossible to hit your caloric target without exceeding your protein “allowance”. At 190 I should get 135 grams of protein and 2700 calories with 30 grams of carbs. Show me the menue someone–I am over on protein almost every day and still short of calories. Nevertheless trying to hit my marks daily is working in it’s own right.

John, use flax or Udo’s to make up the cals.