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Hey, T-Men/Women…I was wondering what people actually ate during the day while on the T-Dawg diet…the example in the article was good but I’d like to here some variations…also if anybody has any modifications I would love to hear them…BTW…for anybody who hasn’t tried this diet… it rocks!!!

during the week i ate brisket, cheese, all natural peanut butter, eggs, bacon and protein shakes. when i had to got with my girlfriend for dinner on the weekends i would eat a steak and maybe a side of eggs or some green veggie depending where we went. The good thing about the diet is that you can still live a normal day and still find something to eat even at a fast food place. If i was in a bind for lunch time i would visit a local fast food joint and order a small serving of chili and a triple cheeseburger…get rid of the bread of course.

Here’s my two favorite snacks for a CKD:

  1. 4 slices string cheese, melted, w. a small amount of spaghetti sauce
  2. 1.5 scoops whey protein, a packet of Splenda and 5-6 tbsp. heavy whipping cream (just like pudding)