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This might sound like an idiotic thing to ask but you have to forgive me because i’m still somewhat of a newbie at all this. I’m on the T-Dawg diet and I was wondering what the point of having a carb up day was? What would happen if you didn’t carb up and such? Another thing, I know what a keto diet is but what’s all this about entering ketosis? How do you know if you’ve entered ketosis? You’re response is much appreciated, especially from those who are educated, like Joel Marion.

Okay buddy, listen: use the search engine on the left of this board. All of these topics have been discussed thoroughly here. Plus, your on a keto diet but don’t understand what keto means? Self-educate. It’s the key.

Follow the advice and use the search engine.

While there are “ketostiks” which will till you whether or not you have ketones in your urine they don’t tell you you’re in ketosis. I’ll explain. If you’re a maintenance or below then your body is using them as fuel. Therefore ketone will not show up in your urine and most immediately assume they’re not in ketosis and start adjusting their diets.

Study and become educated like Joel or the many others here. Croooz

Hey, there, p_nub. Poohbaya is right about searching, reading, reading, searching and searching again – forum and past articles, both. There’s no diet or no program that doesn’t require tweaking and manipulation along the way. The only way you’ll ever be able to fine tune what you’re doing is if you’ve done your homework and understand the concepts.

Re carbing up, try working out really, really hard in the gym on a low-carb diet and see what happens to your energy and strength. It will drop to the floor. Carbing up will restore glycogen in the muscles, allowing you to continue to work out hard, preserve muscle mass and (hopefully) lose BF.