i have used the t-dawg diet with success in the past and i am gonna start again soon. i have a couple of questions though. after the post workout carbs, how long should one wait before eating a high fat meal again? will the insulin response created by the post workout carbs have an effect on the next meal? second, i find myself eating only eggs and meat, what other kind of foods do you suggest so that i can broaden my meal base a little? also is peanut butter with some celery sticks ok, or is that too much carbs? thanks for the help.


el bumpo!

Wait anywhere from 1.5 - 3 hrs. I don’t know if there is a standard answer to that question. Your variety is going to suffer a bit on the T-Dawg, but you could add in more nuts and cottage cheese and fish if you like it. I wouldn’t worry about the minor carb content of these (along with peanut butter) because the T-Dawg is not really meant to be a ketogenic diet, just a low carb diet.

I am currently on the T-Dawg. I take in between 75 and 100 carbs a day, not very consistent but it’s the best I can do. I would suggest eating boiled chicken breasts, tuna w/ a light mayo. It will help keep your fat grams down. Like King Protein said, "This isn’t a keto diet so just don’t sit back and eat eggs and bacon.