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T-Dawg With Stack


ok, im going to go on the t-dawg diet 2.0 to lose a little extra weight before summer. im thinking of stacking HOT-ROX, Alpha Male, Methoxy-7, and some Flameout when it comes back in stock. do u think that this stack is optimal for the t-dawg diet? and do u think the diet isn't too outdated and my best choice for gradual fat loss??


no one wants to help me?


Flameout should be an all-the-time supplement... it's not going to do anything for your goals specifically in such a short time, but it's a good idea.

Read around, there's plenty of commentary on these products and the stack sounds fine. As you can read Methoxy results apparently depend on the user and are generally more visual than anything, so if that's what you're going for for summer might as well try it with the rest.

Pick any diet that makes sense, strictly follow it, and it will probably work.


He who balls for Christ,

I think you just mentioned taking multiple stimulants at the same time. I could be wrong here but if that is what you just said then let me be the first to tell you that that is an awful idea. You will probably have a heart attack and die on the treadmill if you do that.


What are you talking about - the only one of these products that would be considered a stimulant is HOT-ROX.

Please do a little research before making comments like this.


well im trying to get into football shape and lose fat as well, so i guess u could say i want to get big while losing or maintaining the fat i do have. does that make sense? should i use Carbolin 19 when it comes back into stock instead of HOT-ROX? my main concern is gaining muscle, and if i go on a low carb diet, like t-dawg, or a carb cycling diet, i figure i can get the results i want


I?m very interested in knowing how to stack HOT-ROX Extreme, Methoxy-7 and Flameout as well into the T-dawg 2.0.

When do I consume the HOT-ROX? It says ?Consume on empty stomach?. But I need to eat every 3 hours when I wake up. Just take it once with breakfast and once with lunch then?


Why are you posting in a 6-month old thread? You should have posted this in the HOT-ROX Extreme thread, instead of this one which isn't even about your question anyway.

I will give you an answer, however. Stacking HRX and Methoxy-7 are easy- take them together. Flameout is not an issue with stacking. Just take it in the evening sometime.

As for the timing of HRX and Methoxy-7. Take them immediately upon waking. Yes it says on an empty stomach, but unless you wake up and have your breakfast sitting next to your alarm clock the timing shouldn't be an issue. Just take them and then eat maybe 15-30 minutes later, or less even, just not immediately.

As for the second dose- take them 6-8 hours later as the instructions indicate sometime in-between meals so your stomach isn't "full". It you waited to take the second dose until your stomach was actually empty you'd have to wait a long time.

None of the above should be changed regardless of what diet you are on.


I don't know what your problem is man. You chastize me in the other thread and now this one? chill out and just help out if you want. You can see I actually did a search and saw the OP had the very same question I did and there wasn't a definitive answer until yours.

I did post in the HRX thread. No answer when I checked last time.


This was the first thread of yours that I came across. The chastising was posting in a 6 month old thread. You'd have been better off to just start a new thread. It's called forum etiquette. Nobody likes it when old threads are resurrected.