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T-Dawg Vs. Carb Cycling (Fat Loss)


This is a question primarly for FFBs, but anyone who's got some input please share!

Those of you who have tried both the "T-Dawg 2.0" and CT's "Carb Cycling" which one worked better for fatloss?

I'm FFB, round 16%bf and would like to get down to single digit bf.

I've got experience with both the Velocity diet and the "T-Dawg 2.0" diet. Now I'm thinking of trying the "Carb Cycling" but I'm a little worried about the carbs. That's why I'd like to hear your experiences. Thanks!


It's really going to depend on how carb sensitive you are.

I don't have anything against CT, or his article, because I think it is very sound and well reasoned, but it does take a lot of prep/weighing/etc to eat 25g of carbs per meal on one day, and then 38.2 per meal on the next.

There are a lot of calculations to do. If you'd like an Excel version of the program with built in calculations, PM me.

I personally didn't do as well on it simply because I have a pretty busy life socially and with school, and it is getting increasingly easier to eat low-carb while out and about.


Was 300 down to 175 qualifies as FFB LOL

Now 220+ amd gaining SLOW.

I ilke the T-Dawg 2 simple teaches a diate that can be used for LIFE with minor adjustments in just amount of intake. Its all in the timing etc.

Thats my take


That sounds awesome Phill! Great job.Keep the good work up.


As a FFB, 267lbs. 40% bf down to 180 lbs.13% Bf , I can say preparation has been the key for me.

It took me from Jan 2003 until now to shed all the fat (a lot of bumpy roads, poor eating and cardio made me a puny and weak punk with bad posture and no muscle, back to a fat semi strong 225 pounder.But after 1 year of lurking T-Nation I get told all the time how great I look instead of small and weak or fat and slow)

So I think it is about time to post so I hope this helps man

I am currently carb cycling for bulk and yes the idea of eating a couple cups of rice post workout and getting into mid range triple digit carb zone scared me to death BUT if done right this diet kicks ass.

I prepared for the higher calories and carbs by slowly adding to the T-dawg. I started T-dawg at 500 below maintenance following Meltdown training.

After 4 weeks of that and incredible results I stared to slowly add calories and carbs . My carb intake revolved around my training(which was 4 full body workouts a week revolving around compound exercises of 5x5, 1 day of GPP, and on non training days I would take 2 half hour slow walks over rough terrain ) I did this and maintained my weight but got stronger and leaner.

Enter my carb cycling. I planned my days in 2 forms .training and non-training and eating on days I trained was high card count (125%) on off days it was lower carbs (75%)

I made a template to follow I eat the same every training day and the same on off days. Here are my foods

Training days:
Low-Carb Grow!
Plain Yogurt
Egg whites
broccoli sprouts
wild rice
chicken breast
grass fed buffalo
olive oil
coconut oil
fish oil
flax seeds

egg whites
Broccoli sprouts
fat free cottage cheese
plain yogurt
Low-Carb Grow!
chicken breast
olive oil
fish oil

all I drink is water and green tea

Alpha Male
Carbolin 19
Power Drive

ABBH 1 by the books

I have been carb cycling for almost 2 weeks and my scale weight has gone up 1 pound!!!
Now I know I may not be burning as much fat as the v-diet or 2.0 but I feel like a million bucks and have never been stronger, leaner or more vascular in my life. (nothing like a former fatty that could not do a single chin up let alone have enough guts to step in a commercial gym to catching the hottie on the treadmill watching you bang out 10 chin ups with a purpose as the viens in your arms try to burst out of your arms!)

Once I realized Mens Health was never going to knock on my door looking for their next cover model I ate more like a man and trained smart with compound exercises forgetting about that last pad of fat on my lower abs and lower chest. By putting my "problem areas" out of mind I achieved results that have made me very happy ..and I get told on a daily basis by many people how great I look and for tips on how I did it.

ALSO my biggest help was when I stopped comparing my progress pictures and form videos to others, and only compared with where I once was.
I'm lightyears from the pros but lightyears from where I began!

For fat loss I would stick to the cutting version of carb cycling, but with the proper food choices, supplements and dedication the bulking version of this diet has done well for me so far. I plan on following this diet until May 1st following Waterbury programs, and then focus on cutting a little for the summer.

I would highly recommend carb cycling for you to try, worst case scenario it does not work for you and you just have to v-diet for 2 weeks to get back to where you were.....




Thanks! very informative! I'll start carb cycling tomorrow, I've allready made a "food plan" and the foods are very close to yours. I'll start with 150g/250g carbs for 2 weeks and then evaluate. Thanks again!


Np prob man,

lets us know how it works for you..