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T-Dawg Version 2.0 questions

Hey fellow T-Men and T-Vixens,

The past few weeks, 3 or so, I’ve been on the original T-Dawg diet. However, given that I’ve been studying and taking my pretest for my CFT course through ISSA, I’ve missed a few things in the magazine over the past few weeks. Namely, the T-Dawg 2.0!

Anyway, after catching it last night, I decided, “What the hell?” and just started that bad mother up today after a shopping trip last night.

Anyhow, I’ve had good success on the original, and have even gained some LBM despite the low protein levels. Hoping this one will work even better. However, I have a few questions to anyone who can help or has any ideas, including those pimps TC, Berardi, Shugart, Patterson, or anyone else.

The main one is- Given all the talk we've had surrounding not mixing carb/fats together at meals, would it be a better idea to simply consume carbs/protein at your first meal of the day, with minimal fat, and then go higher fat and minimal carbs the rest of the meals, (except post workout, of course), leaving 4 protein/fat meals, and 2 protein/carb meals?

One other thing- Seeing as this diet has a lot to do with carb/insulin manipulation, is fruit okay for that first meal as opposed to say some oatmeal or a sweet potato? I like my fruit, although it is a simple sugar.

That’s about it. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Also, I’d like to see everyone post their results with this version compared to the last, and compare notes. Thanks everyone, keep up the good work!


Hi, Kubo. I agree with what you’re proposing, P+C meals first thing in the morning (in a fasted state, when we’re most insulin sensitive) and post-workout. (I hope you’re using Surge). That’s roughly a 50g/50g split, which allows for some quality of life. Though it wouldn’t hurt to save a few carbs for a tuna salad (<5g) or a salad with a chicken breast (a small pre-packaged bag will still run you less than 5g). Also, you might want to save a few carbs for stuff like ketchup (on a burger) or barbecue sauce (for ribs). But it’s all your call. Basically a good plan.

No problem with the fruit. Just make sure you take it with some type of protein, and be sure to count your carbs. It might be a good idea, though, to take your fruit in with another carb that was higher in fiber.