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T-Dawg V2.0 + Meltdown - Q for Shugart or others

Hey guys, got a couple of questions regarding Shugart’s recent post on the new T-Dawg that I’m hoping you’ll help me with. Firstly, if I choose to use the new recommened carb guidelines of 150/100 and use Berardi’s meal combos, when would be the best time to take in my carbs? On my training days I’d take almost all of them in the two meals following my workout, but what about non-training days? Should I use up all my carbs in my first 2-3 meals of the day, or would the morning be a better time to restrict carbs? If so, when should I take them? I wanna make sure that if I do the diet, I do it right. Secondly, given that I will be consuming more carbs than the previous version of T-Dawg, could I possibly add some cardio or HIIT to the meltdown program, or is that pushing it on a restricted calorie diet? Like I said, I want to do this right, so if any of you more informed posters out there can give me some advise, I’d be grateful. Thanks.

Yes, on non-training days, you want to take in most of your carbs in the first 2-3 meals.

In regards to the cardio question, I would stay away from HIIT and other high intensity cardio programs during a carb restricted diet. Stick with moderate cardio for 30 minute sessions. You want to stay just below lactate threshold for your cardio sessions and this is usually going to be 70-80% of max heart rate. This is still tough work, just not as hard as many of us like to take it.

First, keep in mind you can use 150/100, 100/100, or 100/70. Up to you. I like 100/70 for myself.

Timing of carbs: about 50g after training, preferably Surge. The rest can be in post-training meal #2 or spread evenly throughout the day. Non-training days: I like two meals each day to have very low carbs- breakfast and the last meal of the day. I’d evenly spread the rest of the carbs out throughout the day (eating 5-6 meals per day). This is just what I personally do, so feel free to experiment. Probably not that big of a deal as long as you don’t chunk them into one meal.

Meltdown is pretty darn tough as is, but a little cardio is fine if you’re up for it. I think Alessi recommends some morning rope jumping already as part of Meltdown.

Im on meltdown and im using 70\30 w\the t-dawg diet.
i was suprised how easy the meltdowns suggested cardio workouts are, well ive only jumproped 1X but it was damn easy compared to meltdown training its self.