T-Dawg to Velocity Diet

Training history:
age -23
6 years ago-Former fat boy, lost all the weight quickly and stupidly, like Shugs in his article…

4 years ago- found T-Nation, put on about 20-25 lbs of muscle in 2 years,
Deadlift- 500, squat 405, bench 275 @ a ripped 190- 6ft.

2 years ago- hurt my back during a bulking cycle, kept eating big, but not working out. Found the game of poker, during recovery, made a ton of money, quit my old crappy job that was some what physically intensive. Gained 100lbs or so in 2 years, from sitting at my computer, playing professional poker.

1 month ago- got the fire back, and want to drop all this weight fast and safely, Ive been working out 2-3 times a week, using the T-Dawg diet.

Im going to switch things up Aug 1st. Ramp it up a little, do you guys suggest, 6 weeks on velo, 4 on T-dawg, then 6 on velo? To drop the weight Ive gained? how long can you use the velo diet with out diminishing returns a whole lot? What would be your guys’ suggestions.

if you can do it…why not…

but if you can stay on the V-diet for 6 weeks, go back to regular food for 4, and do it again for another 6, you are a better man than i