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T-Dawg to Massive Eating

Hi …

I’ve been on the T-Dawg diet for 8 weeks (that diet rocks!), next week I am going to begin an 8 week EDT training cycle (encompassing two 2-week cycles of MAG10) combined with Massive Eating.

My question is … is it ok to jump straight from T-Dawg to Massive Eating or should I have a kind of transition week where I eat a moderate amoung ot carbs and k/cals again before the fully fledged Massive Eating eat anything that moves fest?

Secondly, I can really only afford Tribex OR M for my MAG10 off-weeks - anybody out there got any ideas as to which of these 2 products would best help my system recover prior to the second MAG10 cycle?

Comments appreciated !!



I asked this question last week too. Most people said to see how I handle my maintenance before I bulk. I’m eating 1800 cals on the T-dawg right now. I’m going to bump it up to 2200 cals at a 40P/30C/30F for next week then bump it up to 2400(my maintenance) the following week.I might stay on my maintenance for more than one week to make sure I don’t gain any fat. Your body will be a little more sensitive to carbs after coming off the T-dawg. You might want to watch it before you bulk.

I would be very carefuly about going straight into Massive Eating after an 8 week CKD. If you’re going to do Mag-10…you might try what I am going to do when my diet ends this week. Do the 2-week priming stage of Growth Surge as recommended prior to Mag-10. This gives you an ideal way to gradually add carbs back in since the Don’t Diet plan is recommended, plus you will get some likely needed recovery from training. I’m on Lyle McDonald’s plan right now, very similar to T-Dawg but the carb-up is strict and controlled. I’m at <20 g. day on the keto days, and after carbing on Saturday I’m going to go something like 50g, 70g, 100g, etc. and gradually work up to 150-200 g. for the rest of the 2-week phase before starting Mag-10 and Phase II. Good luck!

Hey thanks for the responses! … ditto on the 1800k/cal intake so looks like i’ll go for a gradual carb increase and see how it goes!

Anybody able to offer any thoughts on the Tribex or M question ?

I’d go with the Tribex because MAG-10 “covers all the anabolic bases, achieving optimal muscle-mass gains, without estrogen or DHT side effects.” Besides that, it makes you feel goooood.