T-Dawg Rebound

Hey Guys-

What has been your experience on rebounding after completing a fat loss, low carb diet such as the t-dawg diet.

The reason I ask is that I am surrounded by Atkins fans who drop a lot of weight only to gain the weight they lost and then some back after eating carbs again.

C.P. recommends just eating fruit post workout after completing a fat loss stage but I wondered what the experience of this board has been regarding this issue.

Also, any hints on how this diet works best. I would think that, b/c of the carb up days, the body automatic reaction to carbs as moving to fat storage would eb limited.


Obviously, you can’t go nuts after the diet with crap food. In my experience, most “rebound” stems from that cause. But with a low carb diet, you can always expect to put on a few pounds of water weight once you bump carbs back up. This is also the reason you lose several pounds in the first week on a low carb diet- you lose water as well as fat.

The T-Dawg is “mild” compared to some low carb diets (Fat Fast, first stage of the Atkins etc) but you have to take it slow and be careful. I’ve come off it before by bumping up carbs to 100 grams a day (more MRPs, oatmeal etc.) Just keep the water weight stuff in mind, take it slow and don’t panic.

Hey man, I was on the anabolic diet for 5 week and recently came off of it. This diet seems to be a little more strict in terms of carbs than the T dawg diet, but I came off of it very well. I slowly introduced low GI carbs every day, 50g each day, and I have not gained a pound. I am also at the same strength that I was prior to the switch so I guess all is well. One thing I do have to mention, I hit cardio pretty hard for the first couple of days to make sure that I was burning more calories than I was intaking. My rationale for this is that independent of insulin sensitivity, if you burn more calories than you ingest, you will not get fat. It is similar to what John Berardi says about yogurt in the yogurt post. Sure, yogurt creates a good insulin spike, but if there is nothing to drive into the muscle, insulin is pretty much useless in those terms.

Depending on your sensitivity to carbs you might want to try bumping them up slowly, like maybe an extra 50g per day added on every week. Keep them low glycemic for a while too.