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T-dawg Question

This is actually about T-Dawg 2 and Meltdown.

While I was “bulking” I used to drink a protein shake as soon as I woke up and then would have breakfast before going to work. I would also have a casein/whey shake with flax oil before going to bed.

Now that I am trying to cut fat to start over, do I still need these “anti-catabolic” shakes?

Also, do you still drink a C+P shake right after Meltdown? I am not sure if this would disrupt the “lactic acid” effect of the workout.

I am not sure what is going wrong since I have been very strict in my diet and have been doing the meltdown + some aerobic exercise and have only lost 2.5 pounds in 2 weeks. This is after cutting all but post-workout carbs and cutting my meals. I might have to cut calories even more. :frowning:

Please advice.

Thanks, Rene’

I think ideally if you are trying to cut, you might want to limit your carbs to pre and post workout. I find that my post workout shake is enough to get me through successive workouts and it seems to hinder soreness and speed recovery.

This along with the “taper” method of consuming progressively less calories throughout the day should help out.

I suppose if you pre-bed shake is relatively low calorie and maybe has a little fat with it and very little carbs it might be ok. Anyone else have any ideas on this? I’m going to start a 6-week cutting cycle right after Thanksgiving which marks the end of a 6 week bulking cycle.

The protein I am using is suppossed to be 0 carbs so these shakes should be all protein or protein + flax.