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T-Dawg problem

Hi guys!
I’m a 20 year old male, 198 pounds at 16% bodyfat. Three weeks ago I started the T-Dawg 2.0 diet. I’ve been taking in about 1900 calories a day, while my carb count is 100 grams a day. I’ve measured my bodyfat this morning, and I noticed that there is absolutely no change in my bodyfat! So, what am I doing wrong here? Am I taking in too much carbs, or maybe I should up my calories? What’s the amount of calories I should be aiming at if I’m going for 500 cals below maintenance, considering my weight and BF%. Thanks!

What is the mirror telling you? What method of bodyfat testing did you use? My fucking Tanita scale tells me I jumped up 7% after losing 10 pounds and bringing in my abs. Piece of crap.

looks like you are not eating enough.

Week 1 = 19815=2970cal
Week 2 and so on = 198

Are you doing any workouts?

What measuring method are you using?

Have you used a tape around your waist or seen any change in mirror?

Has your muscle girth gotten bigger?

Have you gotten stronger in lifts?

Hi guys!
Thanks for the quick feedback. As a bodyfat testing method, I use Accu-Measure bodyfat calipers. I also measure my waist (which is 90 cm at the moment). So, considering your answers, I’ll reduce the carbs to 70g/day and up the calories to 2300 per day. Any other suggestions?

Hi again!
I forgot to say that I do cardio (15 minutes slow paced running on an empty stomach) 3 times a week, I lift weights 3 times a week, and I’ll add in ephedrine in a few days, but I don’t want to do it until I’m certain that the my diet is on target.

Are you eating those carbs mostly post workout and of the right type?

Yeah try cutting the carbs a bit and upping the protein/good fats.

Is the slow paced running a HIIT for you?

Frankly, I don’t know what HIIT is - I do 15 minutes slow jogging 3 times a week. I used to do CT’s Interval Running, but I’m in really bad shape, and it really burned me out psychologicaly.

ssantic…try this instead.

For 15 minutes, alternate 30 seconds all-out sprint, with 90 seconds of slow jog, or, if you’re not fit enough for that yet, fast walk. That’s HIIT.

If you can’t handle 30 seconds of sprint, then try 15 to 20 and work your way up. Shoot for a 1:3 ratio.


Do something about the cardio. You should definately try to better your self on the cardio as awell as weights. If you are just doing a slow walk then 15 mins aint enuf. Start building it up, going for 30 mins. Depending on your condition you might not be able to get 30 min straight off but you have push yourself in cardio as well. Maybe HIIT is not for you but you still have to try to burn a significant amount of cals in your cardio sessions, so increasing the duration might have to be the way of doing this.
No one likes cardio but it has to be done if ya want to drop that fat.
good luck

Hi guys!
Thanks for all the info, and yes, I am working on increasing my cardio, but for now, I need more advice on my diet - one of the guys that replied said I was eating too few calories, so I’m looking for a little more diet feedback. Thanks.

ssantic, it’s a trifle hard to give advice on your diet when you don’t really list a sample for us.

I mean if you are following the t-dawg 2.0 like it’s written (same macro breakdown), then it’s just a matter of tweaking it. We would need to see how you space the meals out to do that.

OK, here goes:

Meal 1:

50g oatmeal in 0.5 dl milk
omelette made of 2 large eggs

Meal 2:

50g bacon

Meal 3:

225g mixed veggies
200g meat (at least)

Meal 4:

50g bacon

Meal 5:

30g bacon
50g cheese
3 hot dogs (no bread, of course)
1 dl orange juice

Meal 6:

1 oz peanuts

This amounts to 2300-2400 cals, or something like that.


You’re going to need to clean this up. Lose the milk and the oj (eat an orange instead, if you must. But limit yourself to one piece of fruit a day). Substitute cleaner meat sources for the bacon and the hot dogs. No processed stuff. If you’re eating oatmeal, use egg whites instead–cut down the fat with your carb meal.

Where’s your EFAs? I’m doing T-Dawg, too, and most of my fat comes from nuts (not peanuts–switch to almonds, walnuts, etc.), flax seeds and olive oil, and fatty fish. Not nearly as much fun as eating bacon, but the results are better. When I started dieting, I lost some weight eating like you ate above. When I hit a plateau, I cut out dairy, cleaned up my protein and fat sources, and things started moving along again.

Some more vegetables wouldn’t hurt, either. I get all my carbs from one daily serving of blueberries, lowcarb tortillas (filled with fiber) and green vegetables. (And Surge on training days.)

This is just stuff that’s worked for me; your mileage may vary. Also, do a search for Tampa-Terry’s name–she has given tons of excellent diet advice, much of it T-Dawg related.


I agree with lisa.

Clean that baby up!

Where is the post workout drink?

Just a sidenote, I never realized how different it looks when written with grams instead of ounces… lol I’m nearly lost looking at those numbers.

Meal 1:
Definetly use water instead of milk. Not only does it taste better IMO, but it is definetly not as soggy as when you use milk. Also hopefully you are using oats (steel or rolled) not those sugar packets.
When you say omelette do you mean you add peppers, onions, ham, cheese, etc.? Or is it just 2 scrambled eggs.

Meal 2:

If you like bacon so much, I would use a protein shake in meal one and make the omelette for meal 2. This way you can use whole eggs and bacon.

Meal 3:

225g mixed veggies
200g meat (at least)

Meal 4:

I would not eat bacon more than one time a day if that much. Not very lean meat at all. If you like tuna this would be a perfect spot to add here and with some green veggies.

Meal 5:

Once again I am guessing this your dinner or such, but drop the bacon and hot dogs for some meat such as chicken, turkey, salmon, steak. Something a lot cleaner than processed beef. Also add more veggies :slight_smile:

Meal 6:

I do not eat peanuts since I am allergic, but if this is your last meal I would suggest maybe eating some cottage cheese as your last meal. It has a ton of casein.

Also make sure you drink plenty of water.

Remember total calories is only part of the goal. You need to remember to have a certain macronutrient breakdown. Carb should be limited to no more than 100g on training days and 70g on rest days. Fats should be comprised mostly of EFA’s (olive oil, flax oil, omega 3’s, and the fat in meat). Do not be scared if you end up having 70g of fat in your daily diet.

Hope this helps you out. Best of luck!


Are you sure that’s 300g of protein? Also, what is your workout routine lookout? Have you been changing every 3 weeks or so? Are you using weights?

Thanks for all the info, and let me give you more details. I really can’t ditch the milk, as I hate the oats in water, and does 1dl of milk in the morning make that much of a difference? I can’t up the veggies, as I’m already on 70g of carbs a day. And why are you all insisting that I ditch the bacon? As I remember, Chris Shugart ate it in the cutting portion of the Anabolic diet with good results.It’s great for caloric value, plus it has no carbs, and I’m not worried about health issues, if that’s what you’re suggesting. As far as protein shakes go, they’re quite a bit out of my price range. Concerning orange juice, maybe I should drink it with breakfast, as the T-Dawg article suggests it’s a good idea to have half of the carbs in the morning. Concerning the omelette - it’s 2 eggs plus a little cheese, maybe some ham.

As far as weight training goes, that’s about the only thing that’s currently on track, so I don’t feel like I should elaborate.

So, any other advice? I know calories aren’t the main issue, but I was on kind of a low-calorie diet before, and I’m a little worried my body is in starvation mode.

I know this will sound like I’m a complete moron, but since I’m not from an english speaking country - what is cottage cheese? I know everybody here eats a lot of it, but I have a choice between all kinds of cheese that is white in colour, and cheese that is yellow. Help!

bacon hahahaha
i should flame the shit out of you for that, but i’ll let you use you “get out of jail free card” this time.

start reading my friend before you ask us questions. there are a shit load of post on this forums and articles in the back issues
Please check the search engines

Guys, thanks for all the info, I’ll report back in 2-3 weeks. Just one more question - when you’re determining your maintenance level on T-Dawg 2.0, do you multiply your bodyweight by 15 or just your fat free mass by 15? Cheers.