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T-Dawg Post Workout Shake

Will i get a better timed insulin mimicking action from Alpha Lipoic Acid if i empty the capsules straight into my post workout shake? I just wondered if i might be getting a bigger insulin response than required while i’m waiting for the capsules to dissolve. It probably doesn’t make much of a difference but i thought i’d ask the question anyway. Also when on the T-Dawg should i calculate my daily cals from my LBM or my total weight and is there a newer calculation than the one listed in the original T-Dawg article?

I’m not sure about the ALA thing, but it seems like a good idea. I think I might try it. As far as the calories go, you calculate from your body weight. I took it down further than recommended though. Approx 500 cals the first week, and 1000 the second. I’ve been using Nandrosol, and I just took my first dose of methoxy today. It works nice… my arms have gotten a little bigger since I started. I’m doing Meltdown along with it, by the way.

It would not be smart to just empty the capsules into your shake because alpha lipoic acid is very sensitive to light and air.That is why it usually is put in a yellow capsule and dark colored bottle that keeps out light and air. It works great just taking it with your post workout shake.

Do you know how long an exposure to light/air is possible before degradation takes place? If it is some time then i may give it a try. Do any of the T-mag staff have a take on this?

Can someone please explain to me exactly what ALA does? I’ve read numerous posts and articles, but can’t seem to completely grasp the metabolic process.

ALA aids in the muscular uptake of glucose, leading to greater glycogen synthesis.It has been shown to increase the metabolic clearance rate of glucose which would increase the energy production in muscles and decrease bodyfat storage.

It also acts as strong antioxidant that fights off free radicals.