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T-Dawg Plus Meltdown

I have a question about the T-Dawg diet while on meltdown training. After some time and alot of good advice I have seen that for personal goals (boxing improvements and drop bf%) this combination of diet and work out program seem to make the most sense.

However after figuring out the numbers for the T-Dawg I noticed the fat to be(or maybe I am just still in the high fat = no good mindset) high. Regardless let me know what you think.

Non-Workout Days

3340 calories

  • 4 tbsp daily flax oil - 52g fat (480 calories)

140g Fat (1260 calories)
360g protein (1440 calories)
40g (160 calories) carbs non workout days

3340 calories Workout Days
(Meltdown am and Boxing 1hr pm- every other meltdown day)

  • 4 tbsp daily flax oil - (480 calories) (52g fat)
    104g Fat (940 calories)
    380g protein (1520 calories)
    100g (400 calories) carbs workout days

I have a methoxy-7/T2 stack good for two weeks (if I double dose on the methoxy) and I have a Mag10 cycle for two weeks (am/pm dose).

Which cycle should I do during this time?