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t-dawg or ?

What diet would be better to lose body fat? The t-dawg diet or a diet w/ a little higher carbs.

I think it really depends. If you want to lose BF real quick, then fat fast and/or t-dawg may be the diet for you. If you want to lose BF a little slower, then Don’t Diet is better, I think.

It totally depends on your training objective and overall objective. Provide more details and we can provide some help.

You would be much better off using a balanced diet with a reduction in total calories and an increase in cardio (of course in addition to a weight training program)to lose bodyfat. To try to sound simple, when you deplete your body of carbs the body must make glucose for it to use in order to function correctly. Most believe the body will run on fat, however fat CAN NOT be converted to glucose. So the body then turns to the muscle and breaks it down to form glucose by a process called gluconeogenisis. This leaves you with less muscle, and a slower metabolism. So when you start eating normally again you will put fat on easier because you have lost some of your “fat burning machinery”. The physiology behind this is more indepth, but i hope this info helps.

To Jason Norcross,
I actually have the same question. I’ve been trying to do this “steroid diet”, for a week now, but I think that it is unrealistic for another week or two. I’ve read up on it and I think that is sounds good.