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T-Dawg modifications with Meltdown

OK. I’m thinking of starting T-Dawg and Meltdown in a few weeks after I’m done with FF and 5x5. I was rereading the articles and noticed that Alessi recommends Grow with an extra 20g of glutamine (I presume peptides) for folks over 10%BF - this recommendation is actually in the MD2 article. Anyone tried this instead of the usual carbs/protein shake postworkout? I get such great results from keeping carbs VERY LOW and I want to give it a go!

I’ve used the recommendations with success. It really depends how far over 10% BF you are. I dropped the post-workout carbs when I was around 20-22% and I hardly missed them.

might as well have the best of one world

basically, I’m looking for the optimal way to avoid catabolism over the long term (8 weeks) without using postworkout carbs. are androgens the only way? I’m at 210 and 20%BF.

Honestly, I think your best bet is just to use the postworkout carbs and make that your only carb intake if you want to keep them low. It’ll be easier than screwing around with all other kinds of suplements. At your size, I don’t think you need them.

You CAN keep post-workout carbs and if you control daily calories and keep carbs low you will lose weight.

BUT an efficient way to target fat mass is to use BCAAs and Glutamine pre and post workout, have a whey shake a little less than an hour later. Either a large amount of whey (a great amount of your protein for the day and will represent a lot of your daily calories–some of it the body will turn to carbs) or 20-30 grams with around 10-15 grams of low-GI, not very fribrous, carbs like oatmeal. A bit less than 2 hours after your workout, you can eat a meal that has higher carbs but still fairly low GI, like sweet potato or rice. You will have good insulin sensitivity then and a liver empty of carbs.

In this way, the free form aminos give you an insulin boost post-workout, but by postponing the carbs, your body will process fat stores to try to make glycogen. This is the way to do a zero-carb post-workout protocol.