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T-Dawg Menu help

I am going to start T-dawg on monday, my roomate and I are going to compete for results. Does what I am going to be eating seem alright?

I have worked out the calories properly on fitday but am wondering if what I am eating looks right. Please let me know what I should change or re-evaluate.

two whole eggs
two egg whites
3 slices of cheese

2 beef patties
with 2 slice of cheese
Baked Potato with
1/2 cottage cheese

Mess O greens Salad
With 2 chicken breasts

I’m not totally sure here what the best thing to do is I’m thinking beef jerkey, or nuts.


I’ll have a Postworkout shake of protein powder, milk, and a banana.

I also plan to Eat Cod liver Oil Pills like there is no tomorrow probably about 20 a day.

Is there anything that appears to be missing or does this look alright ?

Im no expert…but by the eye, it looks pretty close to what needs to be there. Others who are a little better versed in the area hopefully will give their 2 cents. I am actually just starting this as well (was supposed to this week, but got a bad start)… so I hope that both you & your roommate post some results. I’ve decided that a “controlled carb” diet works best for me as far as cpntrolling my fat. I have a really long ways to go (20-30lbs.) but it’s much more doable than a traditional diet. Training is so - so, but should be better with these reccomendations. I hope others will post their experiences/ advice.
By the way, what are your stats/calories/etc.