T-dawg flaw questions

I Have a question regarding the T-dawg diet,First of all do you all think(or know) that the T_dawg will help you lose more fat than a low cal moderate carb High protein and low fat diet, How do I get off of the T-dawg diet and back onto a more conventional one after i finish the diet without gaining weight back. And my last and most important question is what cardio protocol is suppused to be used with this diet, Cause he says that to add one day of cardio and if im doing none now that would mean one day a week of cardio and that doesnt seem practical to me, i would like to know what cardio protocol was meant to be used with this diet.


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The T-dawg diet is your basic keto diet, based on high protien and fat. I’ve always found that when coming off the diet it helps to slowly introduce carbs back in and not completely come off the diet immeadiatley. Also I’ve always used the old T2 (the new stuff should work, but I’ve never tried it) 2 weeks before the diet was ver and 2 weeks after the diet this has help a rediculous amount. As for cardio on this diet I would say to look at the cardio recomendations in the first meltdown workout, they’re designed mainly using short term intensity in order t allow you to hold on to precious muscle.

in the very beginning, i was a strict 30 g. carbs/day on non training, and 80g. carbs/day on training days, and i did very little cardio, like 3xweek, about 20 minutes each. but i lost a ton of fat fast!!! like over 20 pounds in 5 weeks…The first 5 weeks i went from 24% to 16.5% then fat got a little harder to loose. then i started adding in a cheat meal on saturday, it didn’t hurt me at all but did a lot for me mentally. i started thinking my metabolism was slowing, so i had an all cheat day for saturdays, then went back to super-stict the other 6 days, with more cardio, like 5-6x/week, anywhere from 30-45 minutes, different ranges of intensity, like wave and HIIT training. Well, as far as “comming off” t-dawg, i can’t really answer that since i was on it for quite awhile and i eventually gave myself a little more carbs (probably) than what is scheduled by that diet… from weeks 6 thru now, i range anywhere from 50-150g carbs a day, with a good cheat day on saturday. also, i bumped up my cardio the past few weeks. during the past 6 weeks or so i’m doing mag-10, 5ml/day and it kept on my LBM like a charm. this is my 16th and final week, and i’m holding steady at 10% i was 10% last week, but i got tired of being on such a strich regiem for almost 4 months and since 10% was my goal, i’ve just been kind of easing up a bit and maintaining that %. my abs show up ok, but i think they’d be a lot better if i worked them out heavier and had a little more mass on them. that’s the new goal for this year, is to add ab mass… i hope this helps and wasn’t too confusing, so far this type of diet/cardio has worked great for me but ‘individual results may vary’. other points to make is that i also take in 220-230g. protein/day and enough in flax oil and walnuts to get my calories to 1800-2100/ day. i weighted 256, and down to 215-ish. let me know if you have any questions.

From Berardi’s comments in the “Growth Surge Project”, as well as some of his other articles on this site, he mentions that when coming off a keto diet like T-Dawg, you have to slowly introduce carbs back into your diet and increase the cardio a bit…he really recommends moving from the T-Dawg into his “Don’t Diet” approach. I will be attempting this myself, when I’m finished with my t-dawg/fat-fast combo diet.

hope that helps!