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T-Dawg feedback needed

Ok I just finished my first week of t-dawg. It is going great. I lost a few pounds but i havn’t lost any steam in the gym. I’ve never experienced that before. Now I need to cut back 500 cal and I was hoping for someone to give me some pointers. Luckily I weighed the same as the example… 200lb. So Basically I need to keep at 300 gm protein and 100 carbs but just drop over 55 grams of fat. This is kind of dificult because I can’t afford to be eating tons of chicken every day. So anyway here is what I have so far. 3 tbs flax, 20 fish oil caps, 1/2 lb very lean ground beef, 1lb cottage cheese, 3 cans white tuna, 4 tbs lite mayo, surge, 4 serving of nitrotech protein and some fibercon, By my calculations that is 2698 calories, 85.5 carbs, 316.5 protein, and 142 grams of fat. Ok so the carbs is easy. I’ll throw something in. The fat however… Ok here’s my question, I am getting 62 grams of fat from the flax and fish oil. If I drop the flax then there goes my extra 42 grams and I’m done. What would you guys or gals do… keep the flax and try and take it off somewhere else or drop it. Thanks. And any other sugestions or improvements would be great. I’ll heading off to the grocery store for the week tonight. Oh and by the way thanks a lot to Tampa-T for getting me started.

By the way, my missing 15 grams of carbs is going to be one cup of mixed veggies. thanks to anyone who wants to comment.

Ok I just double checked my numbers in excel and I’m a bit off. It should of been 2722 cal 89.5 carbs, 316.5 protein and 122 grams of fat. It is odd but have you noticed that on some labels the calories don’t equal if you multiply the grams yourself. So I went by the grams. Dont know if thats right but at least it is consistent. So really I guess I can drop down to two tbs flax and and 3 tbs lite mayo and I am at 103 grams. i can’t even fit the cup of veggies anymore so I guess I’ll have a half a cup which is 8 grams of carbs and I’m done. I’ll definitly need that fibercon. anyone have any comments before I go to the store?

Hi, there Dan!!! Let me ask you one quick question before we get started. Are you subtracting fiber grams from the carb grams when you run your calculations? Fiber has no calories and doesn’t affect blood sugar and is NOT counted. Be sure to subtract it from the total carbohydrates.

So based on your weight, I gather your goal is 2500 calories. The 300g of protein looks good. The 100g of carbs, of course, is on your workout days; 70g of carbs on non-workout days. And when I say workout, I only mean in-the-gym, weight-bearing workout days. Some early morning cardio doesn’t really count as a workout day.

If you need to reduce fat, since you’re taking 20 capsules of fish oil (and I’m hoping that equates to 6g of EPA/DHA???), I would drop the flaxseed oil a bit, say to a tablespoon and a half. That would be a 200 calorie reduction right there. And actually, unless it’s a quality of life thing, I’d drop the mayo BEFORE I’d drop the flaxseed oil. On the cottage cheese, I’m sure you chose a low-fat/no-fat version, right?

Dan, you’ve really done a good job of structuring your program. You’re really “there.”

Does that help? If not, feel free to pin me down on any details.