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T-Dawg/Fat to Fire Help

I have been using the T-Dawg/Fat to Fire combo for the past 2 weeks and am stuck. I started at 223 lbs. at 16.9% BF. I was eating 2100 calories a day of the T-Dawg recommended foods with 60 grams of carbs on off days and 110 on lifting days coming from primarily oatmeal and Surge. My measurements after the first week were 221 lbs. and 12.9% BF. According to my calculations this would be a 9 lb fat loss and 7 pound muscle gain. I would not have believed it except I looked dramatically better. Now my measurements at the end of the second week are 220 lbs. and 12.1 % BF. I kept my calories at 2100 since I was making great progess. Last time I tried T-Dawg the same thing happened so I dropped my calories and starting losing muscle rapidly. I was hoping to get down to 10% BF. Any suggestions on how to change my program to keep the fat coming off? I have noticed that I respond very well to changes in diet/lifting but my body adjusts to these changes quickly.

First of all, either your starting measurement was wrong or the other two are. How are you measuring body composition? Also, I’m not sure how you define stalling, but it seems like you are making great progress.

I am using a digital skin caliper, I forget the brand name. I took the measurements several times and was within .5-1% of the above readings each time. I know looking at the numbers on paper they seem outrageous but I have everyone telling me how much leaner I look. I know I wont get results like the first week but everytime I have tried a version of T-Dawg, I usually get stuck around the 2nd-3rd week and the weight loss gradually shifts from fat to muscle. I was hoping someone had some suggestions to keep the fat coming off.

Check out Dr. Squats website. His article on the ZIGZAT Diet might help. The web address is drsquat.com. Loss 20 lbs of fat folowing that one.
Best O’Luck.

You mentioned that you respond well to changes in your program. What about cycling through Fat to Fire, Meltdown and German Body Comp workouts every 2 weeks. Also, cycling calories might help also. I’m minorly familiar with the zig zag diet and that could help keep the variety from day to day.