T-Dawg dilemma

I am now two weeks into the T-Dawg diet, and loving it. I feel better, eat more, have more energy, and look better than I have in a long time.

The only problem that I seem to be running into is that on my cheat day, I am finding that I DO NOT want the things I used to want…maybe it’s the new zeal for seeing the results, or a genuine change in my body, but I have no desire for biscuits, pizza, beer, etc…

I am planning on following the diet to the T (pun intended) as I am seeing great results, but what gives? Is this normal? I thought I would be DYING for pizza, sweets, etc., and in fact, quite the opposite is true.

Also, next week starts the Meltdown training…250 ripped pounds, here I come.

Sir Hacksalot

I have done two weeks of the T-Dawg diet as well. It has worked great so far, I’m always excited to hit the gym and full of energy. On my cheat days I only eat fruits and vegetables for my cheat foods. I’m just not interested in eating junk anymore.

Hacks, do it for 5 months and tell me how you feel, or try a ketogenic diet for 3 months like I did. :slight_smile: However, everybody is different and YMMV.

I am just finishing the T-Dawg, been on for 6 weeks. I also didn’t have any cravings for carbs for the first 3-4 weeks but in weeks 5 and 6 it was a different story. I’ve been relying on diet coke to quench the cravings and kept telling myself that i could have that pizza, pasta or whatever in a few days time. You may find that you get to that same point yourself, not sure i could keep the diet going for the recommended 8 weeks but next time i’ll give MD6 a go and see if that will help.

hehe You are like me guy…
I don 't eat pizza and others shit like this…

Congrats, Haxie! I had the same thing happen when I really started in with T-dawg and meltdown. I think 80% of it is mental - you want to keep the results you’ve gotten. Wait till you try MD6 (if you ever do). It’ll completely KILL any carb cravings - I didn’t believe that until I tried it.

Keep me posted, brutha.

Hey Hacks, I hear you. When I make to about the third day of any “restricted” diet, my cravings for junk just go away. Granted, I don’t really get hungry for sweets anyway, but my usual cravings (beer and pizza) are almost nonexistant, especially if I’m taking MD6. I think there are two parts to this (for me, anyway). First, there is the psychological element. When I exercise diet discipline, spend hard earned money on supplements, and bust my ass in the gym, the absolute LAST thing I want to do is “undo” all the hard work by splurging on something that only makes me feel horrible. Second, I believe that the human body was meant to run on high quality fuel. When I supply healthful, nutritious food to my body, after a few days it really starts running “properly” and doesn’t want garbage anymore. Energy and focus go up and junk food cravings go down. We should consider ourselves very fortunate; most people have to deal with counterproductive food cravings. If you don’t feel like you want or need a cheat meal, then don’t take it. However, eventually, you will get a craving for potato chips, birthday cake, etc. When this happens, satiate it with a small amount of junk food before it turns into an all consuming food lust that drives you to completely blow your diet.