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T-Dawg, Digestion and Fiber

hey all…i just did a search and read up as much as i could on what was posted about fiber. i just bought a small container of sugar free metamucil just b/c i’ve been on T-dawg for 1.5 weeks and the pipes are sorta messed up. which is seriously irritating b/c the last time i did this diet…back in Feb…i’ve never been so regular in my life. (i’ve had digestive problems since i was a kid)

anyways…the only thing i’m missing this time around in my food logs seems to be spinach mixed in with the greens, i don’t eat almonds daily anymore, and i’m minus the EFA supp this time (not sure if they have an impact on digestion?). is there a better way to get at least 25-30g of fiber than metamucil?

daily i have oatmeal in the morning w/ my protein shake, and a big salad mid afternoon, maybe some greens for dinner. thanks ya’ll.

well, on a good point i AM losing fat! :wink:

Try citracel clear mix or Benefiber. Non gritty, and can go in almost any drink, including protein shakes, with minimal taste. I also use both psyllium husk (unflavored) and sometimes fibercon tablets, depending on the meal or drink. You can get cheaper generic knockoff versions at Wally world.

Just a quick note, be sure you’re using the latest version of the diet: T-Dawg 2.0. The extra carbs in the new version make it easier to get more fiber.

Also, Shugart told me in a private e-mail that he’s a big fan of ground flax seeds for getting not only EFA’s but extra fiber on the 2.0 diet.

I’m a big fan of the Tortilla Factory whole wheat, low-carb tortillas. I use them as a bread replacement, and the small ones have 9 g. of fiber (12 g. of carb total). I eat three or so a day, and have no problems.