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T-Dawg Diet

What’s up, t-men & vixxens. I need a little help putting my T-dawg diet together. I have read the article on the web site and on paper mag. I read a suggestion in issue 159 “Behind the Scenes” of using md6, t2, and methoxy. I will be doing the same stack. I was wondering how to figure out my total daily grams of protein. In the responses the person was told to multiply his target body weight by 1.5 (per gram of protein). I am about 5 ft.,9 in. and weigh 180 lbs. How much protein should I consume? I was also wondering if it would be okay to use Surge on work out days, post work out of course. I would appreciate any info or individual feed back from anyone who has tried or is doing the T-Dawg diet.
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I’d be curious to see the reply to your question, too.

I started the T-Dawg Diet last week based on the suggestions in BTS #159 (the person Tim Patterson was responding to in that column & I am very similar in build & goals). Tim recommended in his column 1.5 g protein per pound of bodyweight, but the T-Dawg Diet counsels against eating more than 0.6-0.8 g of protein. I’ve been wondering how to reconcile the two bits of advice.

Scouring around in the T-mag Forum archives, I found a brief reference to keeping protein intake high when using Methoxy-7, & Tim did include Methoxy-7 in his recommendations. Maybe that’s the answer to why his protein suggestion is higher than the T-Dawg Diet’s. Anyone with more insight care to shed light on this?

I was hoping that Chris or anyone else out there that has tried or knows about the T-Dawg diet would be willing to help us out. I am looking to start my diet on Monday and will set everything up and go food shopping on Sunday. So if anyone can help it is greatly appreciated. Peace…

Quickie answers ('cause I’ve got a steak on the grill)-

I’ve done the T-Dawg with lower amounts of protein (some think that you shouldn’t get too much protein on a keto diet) and had good results. I’ve also done higher protein and seemed to lose fat about the same, maybe just a bit slower. Try it both ways and see what works best for you. Not that big of a deal really. My best results have probably been with a little over a gram per pound of total body weight.

Surge is great for after workout, even while on a low carb diet. Surge wasn’t around when I wrote the T-Dawg or I would have suggested it. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your response Chris. I will be starting on Monday and I will post my results on the forum. My current stats are: 180lbs., 5’9", about 12% bf. Goal is to get as lean as possible in a 4 week period. I will be using MD6, advanced protein, T2, Surge, and Methoxy. Be back soon and leaner.