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T-Dawg Diet


Hi everybody,

I wrote up my T-Dawg Diet plan and I would like to know if I got the math right.

Age: 27
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 220 Lbs
Body fat %: approx 30%

220x15=3300 cal/day to maintain current weight
2800 Cals/Day to lose.

220x0.70=154 Lean Body Mass

Training Days
154gx4 = 616 Cal/day of protein
100gx4 = 400 Cal/day of protein
198gx9 = 1784 Cal/Day of Fats
Total: 2800 Cals/Day

Non Training Days
154gx4 = 616 Cal/day of protein
70gx4 = 280 Cal/day of protein
211gx9 = 1904 Cal/Day of Fats
Total: 2800 Cals/Day

That's my Diet. I'm planning to walk 35-45mins a day at 60-70% heart rate + West Side for Skinny Bastard.

Any comments?


Why're you doing West Side for Skinny Bastards?

...Try doing meltdown training or throwing some heavy stuff at 5x5 around.


Suggesting Meltdown is not good advice. At 30%BF, Meltdown I would be dangerous unless it was done with some rest in between exercises.

My advice is to stick with the walking and try the beginner's workout. I don't have the link, but you can do a search.

The last thing you want when just jumping in, is to jump in the deep end and become overwhelmed. Just getting off your ass and doing something is infinitely better than what you were doing. It's not a race. Don't set yourself up for failure by trying to get too technical too fast.

Best of luck to you - and keep us posted.


Those calories seem awful high to me.

I havent read the TDawg diet but I think you should be multiplying LBM x 15, ie, 15 * 154 = 2310 calories.

Just my 2 cents worth.


I understand why you'd want to use LBM, but wouldn't that low of calories be too low, too soon?

I personally maintain a 175lb bodyweight, at approx 15%bf with 3700-3000 calories.
(Edit: that's 2700-3000, not 3700)

At his weight and bf%, I would lower calories less dramatically right off the bat.

So if what you figured out using your 220 body weight is less overall calories than you've been eating, I'd say that's a good start.

You may want to gradually decrease your calories by something like 300/week, ever month (300 less calories in a week, dropped down only every month, don't decrease 300 every week, if that makes sense).

I think I'll be going on this diet pretty soon too, and I think I'll use Chad Waterbury's 10X3 for Fat Loss program to start out.

Good luck, and keep us posted. It motivates us, and can help keep you motivated too. Sort of like a symbiotic relationship.


No - his calories are about right.

But it's a crap shoot as far as nailing down personal energy needs on the first try.


good luck mate... i went from 270 to 200lbs a year or so ago. i did it all wrong thought and lost alot of muscle which i had to get back.
Do it right, work HARD, don't rush and you will love the results i promise - the best thing you will ever do.


Agreed, just keep it simple. Look for beginner's blast off program (either search or look at are you a beginner II). Do the full body portion, though, not the crappy body part routine at the beginning.