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T-Dawg Diet

Two questions guys:

  1. The Diet says take Folic Acid and a multivitan, I take GNC’s Mega Man vitamins, they contain 400 mcgs of folic acid–do I need to supplement further?
  2. About this free carb up day, I find I kinda like the low carb diet and am not really craving a basket of doughnuts or anything. Should I go ahead and “carb up” one day a week anyway? Or just stay with the plan as long as it feels good?
    The diet is working great–I am down 8 pounds in 3 weeks and feel good.

It is highly recommended that you carb-up once a week just like T-Dawg says. If you don’t do this you will eventually lose muscle as well as energy. The only thing you might do differently is do a stricter carb-up, sticking to a specific amt. and types of carbs. If you feel the need to binge (and believe me, sometimes it will come out of nowhere) during your carb-up, just do it for a shorter time.

Oh, I forgot about the folic acid question. 400 mcg. is pretty much a standard dose, so you don’t have to take more than this-if you want to go up to 800 mcg. max.